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Money Money – a means of subsistence. Click Dell to learn more. Money is never enough. Money is property quickly end, rill. And that would be money wisely spent and lack of ZP to ZP, need consideration, as in accounting. It is necessary to have a notebook in which to record the daily expenses. Graphs about such, but there may be others – it depends on your imagination. Income / data / flow / total daily writing down everything that is buying up to a box of matches, for 3 months you'll know how much is your cost of living. Knowing as needed for products that you can plan a big waste.

You are a young family, you need a lot. Got ZP both – a lot of money. I would like both – a stream flowed. Prior to ZP another three weeks – and no money. Start nitpicking with by her husband: "You are not economical, but my mother …

…" You also do not stay in debt, "You earn too little, but my dad …" To avoid this, you need a record of cash and planning. That such a sum, we defer to products – the sum set aside in an envelope with the words "food". Such a sum – for clothes – an envelope with the words "clothes". The third envelope labeled, "the Bank", that is, the amount deferred in the "bank" – is not wasted. Let it be 100 = 200 rubles, but this first joint of your savings. Gradually the envelope with the words "bank" begins to "heat" soul. So you can collect money to buy some necessary things, and maybe a year to collect and leave. Thus your money on control, and when there is no control and no money, because they tend to sand. Very often, buying food, spending money, eating these foods you start feverishly: "Where I've been doing that much money?!" Most of the the family budget is spent on food. Considering monthly expenses, subtracting that amount from the income you'll need to know how much on food. And knowledge – is power. Therefore, you will eventually become a smart, strong and lean. And you can proudly say – "I am a good housewife, I know the expense of money!" To be continued …

Science And Technology

Tanatologia Science that studies the involved phenomena in the event death. Research and applies serious ways to work in favor of patient, without therapeutical possibilities? the call ‘ ‘ sick person terminal’ ‘ – and also with its familiar ones. Further details can be found at David Treadwell, an internet resource. Not forgetting the professionals health whom they deal with these patients. How He started? In the decade of 1960, psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (in the United States) had its attention despertada for the carrying patients of considered illnesses incurable and in terminal phase, perceiving that the same ones were practically without attention in its final days, since all the therapeutical possibilities of the conventional medicine already if had depleted for those patients. Moreover, the professionals of the health, revealed in the majority of the cases, unprepared to deal ahead with the impotence of the biggest fatality of the life, the end of it. Considering that the medicine has as objective to cure and to draw out the life, professionals and patients revealed many frustrate ones, compromising the quality of life of both.

Eventual palliative measures, little attention to these patients, distanciamento of the medical team, denounced the frustration with the failure of medical science in those cases. The work of the Dra. Kubler-Ross consisted basically in forming groups of these patient terminals, providing they a space to express its fears and distresses. In little time these groups had grown with the participation of the familiar ones of these patients, and nurses. The doctors had resisted for some time, but ahead of the positive results of this pioneering work, had been surpresos and curious, starting to collaborate with the Dra Kubler-Ross. Some patients started to excuse the tranqilizantes, others until were cured or widened the time of life significantly foreseen for the doctors. The result most significant was the quality of life of these people in its supervened time of.

Hudson Sander

Of the 35 years in ahead, in result of the proper circumstances of the age, the question to have a steady and lasting relation, more starts to be than a desire, starts to be a necessity. As you it can perceive, is the set of experiences that shape the attitudes of the life the two, when you knows to extract lies of its experiences. However you are highly harmful when foca its mental energy only in the said negative points of the failure of one given relation. Because focando its mental energy in the negative points you will only attract for itself only the negative consequences of the finished relation however. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. Let us see an example: a person has successive relations badly succeeded throughout one determined period, and foca its mental energy in the pain of each one of them, then she will only act (this if of a subconscious level) only looking relationships that make to perpetuate the sensation of badly being. To the step that if the same person have successive relations badly succeeded throughout one determined period, and foca its mental energy in the satisfaction to have learned important things on the relationship the two, then will only act (this if of a conscientious and subconscious level) only looking relationships make that it to grow while person. Therefore, she thinks two times before considering a failed person, therefore the emotion that you to feel in relation finish to it of a relationship, can not only determine its mental health, but mainly it can rewrite the route of its life in a way that you will not have control. Yours truly; Hudson Sander Point of the Loves.

Health Department

This wants to say that, above of any interest, we must know the consequences of the choices that we go to make. Data of the health department on the chemical dependence demonstrate that the drugs alone bring negative aspects for the person, the family and the society. We know that the dependent loses the control on its will, and its life passes to turn in function of the drug, either it which will be, and its capacity takes off it to choose, its freedom. I find that we live a delicate moment in the society. We are in a period of transistion, a new social configuration.

The globalizado world can in sending to the questionings and desires to them that perhaps, not yet have cultural, social and economic maturity to live. The Internet brought an avalanche of information and facilitated the access to the knowledge, but, it also brought new problems that still we are learning to deal. Even though the pedofilia and crime already are informatizadas. In the way of this confusion, we have the children that they are bombed daily with as many questions of beliefs and values when still badly they know to read and to write. The society is placing many things in voting, that we run the risk to take off the freedom to develop the creativity and the liberty of speech. All it passes to be forbidden and subject to penalties. We come back to the initial situation to be able to only choose what it is considered approved and set free by the system of imposed social rules, but not accepted for all. The world of today, more than what never, it takes in them to know and to respect the differences, the freedom, but, we will only construct a healthful society if to know to make the choices that can take care of the necessities and to the interests of all and its communities. The choices of today construct the freedom of tomorrow!


The aging, comumente, can be associated with some types of illnesses, that go if revealing to the measure that the body is more fragile. However some habits of life can cause the aggravation of some illnesses, as the tobaccoism. The number of aged tabagistas is very raised, due to amount of young tabagistas that age.

The life style that these people adopt if becomes preoccupying, mainly for the great idle period, without practising no activity deviates that them from the cigarette. The recreativas activities had had as proposal to fill this empty space, mainly in the life of the aged ones that they live in the Home Is Vicente de Pablo, in the city of Ita of Mines. Words keys: tobaccoism, recreativas health of the aged one, activities. Abstract: People ploughs getting to older and this is inevitable part of the natural cycle of life. Aging commonly can be associated with many types of diseases that will manifest the body becomes lives fragile. However, adds lifestyle habits, such smoking, can lead you worsening adds diseases.

To number of elderly smokers is very high due you to number of young smokers aging. The lifestyle these people adopt is very worrying, especially the large idle period, without doing any activity that deviates from the cigarette. Proposal recreational The activities is you fill this spare teams, especially the elderly people’ s one living at Home Is Vicente de Pablo in the City of Ita of Mines.

The Genitor

With change of the school, and through the stories of the current teachers, can be observed inside that Eduardo, in the period of 2 months, comes presenting, of its context, an evolution with respect to adhesion of the activities offered for the institution. He has been participativo inside of room lesson, as well as, it are of it. Beyond effectively participating of the program more education and the room of multi-functional resources. Renata (10 years of age), presents calm behavior, guided alo and autopsiquicamente. Thought and preserved reasoning. One becomes related well with mother, stepfather, professors, colleagues of the school. This attending a course third year of basic education, interacting very well with all in the school.

Vanessa (6 years of age) calm and is guided alo and, thought and reasoning autopsiquicamente preserved. One becomes related with the parents and brothers well. This year was registered the school, presenting, until the moment, good behavior. Patrician (2 years of age), she is calm, affectionate, it sleeps well and its feeding is based in the maternal aleitamento, however, team NASF it comes working with the parents on the importance to introduce healthful foods, beyond the insertion of this in the day-care center, since not yet it was registered the day-care center because the genitor believes that she is very small, beyond still suck. According to Kaloustian & Ferrari (1994), apud Gomes and Pereira (2004), the family is the indispensable space for the guarantee of the survival and the integral protection of the children and too much members, independently of the familiar arrangement or the form as they come if structuralizing. She is the affective family who makes possible them arrives in port e, over all, necessary materials to the development and well-being of its components. It plays a decisive role in the formal and informal education. She is in its space that is absorbed the ethical and moral values, deepened the solidarity bows.

Erich Fromm

The paradigms that permeiam current society e, over all the way that the man can enxergar the other, being solidary and capable to love, recognizing the values and the particularitities of the other individuals, of this form, I look for to explain the condition human being in a psychological vision of sees the existence of the being as human. Word-key: love, paradigms, society, solidarity. 1 Society and humanity How that in a society in diverse conflicts, such as violence, unemployment, lack of schools, health of good quality for all, tooth other problems of social and ambient origin, I can say that any nation will feel insurance? In the truth, humanity goes of certain form, if distressing when coming across with as many problems and few solutions, or same none. Arriving at the level of people if of the account of our proper existence and I do not ask: of where I to come? For where I go? because I am here? They are subjective questions and without answers, ahead of the circumstances of the life, that leads accumulates to it of the impotence, thus becoming, in a world each darker and difficult time to understand it. For Goya: In the origin of its existence, the man if saw as a stranger in the world; he felt himself solitary and fearful. Compelled for it are of the Nature, it breached with the biological determination of the pure instinct, allowing that the life took same conscience of itself through the possibility of development of the reason. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. According to Erich Fromm, at a moment any of the Nature, for one ‘ ‘ whim of universo’ ‘ , this new animal species, the man, lost its aloplstica capacity to adapt it the wild environment and became the being biological more inerme and abandoned of the sort.

Technology In The Education

The technology today is reason of many quarrels between educators, philosophers and sociologists, many of them believes that the technology only serves to move away the people from the studies and what is really important, already others find that exactly with this it can be used to facilitate to the learning and the creation of memory of long duration. About the case, for example, of the TV this not dumb, many think that it alienates, apia the consumerism and live criticizing, others prefer to look at the side good of the technology and for emphasizing it, using the TV to illustrate, to introduce, to deepen some content; it offers a great variety of types of programs, contents and boardings that can be adapted to each etria band. Through the use of it the professors obtain to arrest the attention of the pupils, to create debates and quarrels, to create an opinion criticize and to live deeply the reality with interesting and instigantes boardings that arrest the attention of the pupils.