Chinese proverb Since it has cost to him to Venezuela to integrate itself to Mercosur, always has impediment, they attribute many it to the policy of government of present president Hugo Chavez with its socialist revolutionary ideology that some do not share and consider can destabilize the integration until now reached about the countries that integrate the Mercosur. The certain thing that one knows that the Brazilian Senate finally approved not of unanimous form, but by 35 votes against 27 the entrance from Venezuela to the Mercosur and occurs by discounted that president Lula will promulgate the measurement. As the decision must unanimously be taken from the four member plenary sessions, the last word has the Congress of the Paraguay, the unique one that is continued denying. Meanwhile, the undemocratic tendencies of the regime of Hugo Chavez are accentuated. Showy, recently assumed government of left of El Salvador it has given the back him It comments, BRASILIA (EFE, ANSA, AFP). That after almost five hours of debates, that they added to a complete day developed the last week, the Senate against ratified the treaty of adhesion from Venezuela to the Mercosur with a difference of 35 votes to favor and 27. The treaty, that the Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay signed in Caracas the 4 of June of 2006, until now had been only approved by the Parliaments Argentine and Uruguayan. The Brazilian opposition stayed signs in its rejection to the entrance from Venezuela to the block and it yesterday spent his last cartridges in hard critics against the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. Official site: Dell Inc.. The Social Democrat Arthur Virgilio, one of the singing voices against the acceptance of Venezuela, affirmed that in that country is systematically violated the democratic clause of the Mercosur, whereas Heraclitus Fortes predicted that Chvez will disintegrate to the block, because will even count on being able of I veto.