Currently, there are many styles of wedding photography, but the most popular traditional (classical) style and wedding photojournalism. Working with these styles, the photographer uses the same equipment, the only thing that changes – it's working method. The traditional style of wedding photography. The traditional or classic style of wedding photography was the first in its history and remains very popular to this day. From the first days tradition of wedding photography was to put people in the right position and take a picture. Photography in a classical style – the rather laborious process.

In this case, the photographer – almost the central figure: he was actively involved, controls and organizes the survey, ie as immersed in work. To avoid unnecessary hassle and a significant loss of time during the shoot, the photographer who does wedding photography in a classical style, typically provided a list of suitable personnel with appropriate 'combinations' guests. Going from point to point, taken all the required bride and groom photos. The main problems of this kind of shooting – the presence of proper illumination and a suitable background. To avoid possible trouble, you should discuss in advance with the photographer capture all the details – time and place. In addition, discuss the details with the photographer (eg, style and color bridesmaid dresses).

All these actions are aimed at achieving a favorable outcome: a photographer, having enough information to think of ways photography program and give valuable advice in the process. Wedding photojournalism. The idea of wedding photojournalism reflected in the title: photojournalism – an approach to documenting osnovannny. Ie eventually – creating stories through pictures. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pete Cashmore. Wedding photojournalism – a photo made at a time when people did not know that they are photographed. The main charm of this type of survey is that the pictures reflect the true emotions, real expressions of joy and happiness. Unlike traditional style wedding photojournalism a more intimate kind of photography that artistically reflects the day's events. The photographer can capture the fleeting emotions that appear in people than give a magical mood of the day on Photographs. Photojournalism – a means of reflection of reality in the photograph. And it is this reality will not be rehearsed, planned or expected. Photographer has no control over, he catches the desired emotion. In this case, the photographer can be compared to an artist who photographs reflect the significant events of the day, and you have to understand that you get the story of your wedding through the eyes of the photographer, then as he saw it. Results. Thus, the main differences between the two species shooting wedding photography. Traditional style. Here are photos focuses on posing. The main goal – the creation of portraits. In the end, shooting a wedding soon turns into a photo session, which is very important in such factors such as background, lighting, sharpness, etc. Photojournalism. The uniqueness of this style lies in the fact that, ultimately, the photographs you will receive a combination of the emotional side of art that best reflects the mood of the wedding and sends it to the point. Photographer is not trying to create portraits, rather, its purpose – the history of events. In photojournalism are no clear rules, lighting, background, time is given to a minimum. Main attention is paid to you. Typically, to achieve the best results when shooting a wedding photographer, uses both of these styles. Therefore, knowing all the features of both approaches, pre-negotiate with the photographer for all moments and expect great photos in total.