Once I got to thinking: “Why do the selling price of Bank of Russia for its commemorative coins is higher than that of foreign banks?”. Do you ever are not interested? But let us not talk of this and talk to the start of the coins more available simple coin – on commemorative coins of precious metals. Throughout the world, chasing commemorative coins of base metal is a great way of earning extra money for the Central Bank. Judge for yourself: cb produces a coin that collectors will withdraw from circulation, and this means that you can optionally issue banknote with the same face value, absolutely no fear of inflation. In fact, the coin becomes a commodity which the Central Bank sells the collector. For example, the U.S., thanks to a series of quarter-on states, was put in its budget of about $ 5 billion. Agree, good huge.

As it is with commemorative coins of Russia? As always, all information associated with the money we have strictly closed topic, but on the statement by the Director of Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia Alexander Yurova, chasing commemorative 10-ruble coins unprofitable All deal in an expensive nickel silver, which is made from the inner disk coins. That is to say, on what makes the whole world, we have turned into a charity. At the same time increase the denomination of the coin (after 2-evrovye coins diverge great, though sold at 150-200 rubles apiece) or change the material of our senior managers are not able to figure out.