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Microsoft Windows

60 Million copies were sold in three months, thus becoming the operating system’s fastest growth in history. Sales of Windows 7 supported earnings from Microsoft. Office and Xbox, down quarterly earnings from Microsoft grew 60 percent, helped by strong sales of its Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft reported a net profit of u$ s6.700 million in its second fiscal quarter, faced with the u$ s4.200 million in the same period of the previous year. Exceptional demand for (the new operating system) Windows 7 generated good growth of turnover, stressed the new Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein, said in a statement, adding that the benefits could increase more than revenue due to the control of costs. Windows 7 was presented in late October and within a few days had passed in 234% sales reached by Vista, launched to the market in early 2007. We are excited by the reception of Windows 7 among consumers and the enthusiasm among the companies by adopting it, he said the Executive. Counterpart and waiting for the version of Office 2010, Office suite sales fell 3 percent. Xbox sales fell 13% from one year to another.

Portable Discs

Keys USB are not another thing more than the good well-known Pendrive. It is a storage device, this means that it owns a flash memory, that allows to store great amount him of data and to conserve them even though it is not connected. He is extrable and it has a compact format, small and more and more practical, that it makes portable extremely. This memory USB is connected and disconnected of any equipment, is regrabable and worked exactly like any space of storage of its computer. It can keep until several gigas at the moment from data, with as much capacity, that up is very useful to conserve its archives in the form of back, and to protect important information surely. On the other hand, the last plates mothers are prepared to start with keys USB, this we can initiate an operating system from ours pendrive, using memory USB as disc. Extremely useful for those who want to recover the information of an enslaved disc without having to format it nor to particionar it, or for those users of free soft who wish to take their surroundings of work a where they go.

Often it happens, in the place of work and the home, that we needed to leave the computer ignited, but we do not want that another person has the possibility of acceding to the documents that we are using or the windows that we have open while we are absent. To extinguish or to suspend the computer is a valid option, but a little uncomfortable. If it has a memory USB, this task long ago simpler him, using his pendrive like key USB and the aid of a specific software to protect the privacy of his computer.