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Vehicle Monitoring

As the mobile object is the car, railway car, ship, or simply to the cargo or person that is equipped with a set of hardware gps. On-board equipment can be installed to example, in urban and intercity passenger and freight transport by ambulance, taxi, collector and fire engines, boats, yachts, cargo ships, The set of equipment includes side device Teletrack, which with the help constellation of satellites, the delay of the incoming signal is determined by its location to within a few meters anywhere in the world. Next, the coordinates of the mobile facility for GSM-channel transmitted directly to the consumer or to the control center. Read more from Viacom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Dispatch center is needed if there is a processing information from a variety of mobile objects, or when the end user requires continuous monitoring of a mobile object, and not just its current position or status. If necessary, a user can give a request in the dispatch center and receive the necessary information.

In any If the coordinates of the object, entering a destination are processed with specialized software, which provides collection, storage, analysis and display on the map. Onboard controller system allows Teletrack implement the various options for control and accounting of the vehicles. It will be interesting to companies seeking to reduce the cost of the vehicle fleet. Savings can be achieved by monitoring the observance of the established routes and schedules, improve discipline drivers, eliminating the "side trips, etc. On-board equipment consists of two blocks. The main unit is used to determine location, storage, information processing and communication with the dispatcher. Additional block is used for voice communications and display. Onboard controller Teletrack with built-in gsm module determines your location using a system of gps, processes this information and transmits it to the dispatcher through the cellular gsmgprs while writing it into the internal memory.

With the help of the Internet, or direct cable connection dispatching software allows you to display information on an electronic map and to remotely configure onboard controllers. In addition to the origin, flight controllers transmit direction, time, speed, altitude and status of connected sensors, if any, from the user (fuel level, temperature, and opening and closing doors, etc.). Internal memory – (black box) on-board controller keeps 32,000 posts. The interval between posting to the dispatcher (in units of time or distance) can be adjusted over a wide range for each individual vehicle. The dispatcher can also be set for each vehicle so-called control zone at the entrance to or exit from that, the car transmits its position and time dispatcher. The transmission of information via gprs is the most convenient and economical. Costs for services not exceed a few dollars a month the object, even at very detailed "drawing" route, since the software system Teletrack to optimize data traffic. If you use it – just connect your computer to the dispatcher Internet. In addition, the dispatcher may at any time make an inquiry about the location of the vehicle through sms or make a voice call. When the object of coverage gsm (or a temporary outage gsm connection) all the data automatically recorded into the built "black box" and will be immediately passed to the dispatcher when a gsm network. On-board equipment of Teletrack is satisfied by the modular design. With this system itself can perform different tasks depending on its content. By selecting one of the modifications, you can optimally solve the problem. The system may be useful for solving problems of transport navigation, logistics, protection, tracking of goods, etc.

Protection Against GSM-jamming

Protect the car against theft, based on gps / GSM-technology represents not only the installation of GPS-unit to determine the location of the vehicle, but also a range of anti-theft tools: immobilizer, tilt sensor, the sensor roll, shock sensor, alarm button, the siren. The composition of the protective complex depends on the type and condition of the car, and, of course, the financial capacity of the car owner. But the work of "heart" of the protective complex – GPS-unit will be useless if the attacker turned on GSM-jammers. Communication channel and block the machine can not send an alarm, your location, so the car owner does not receive an alarm. Obviously, that, to date of all funds Alert – GSM-notification (call to a mobile phone or SMS-notification) won great popularity among motorists, besides it is one of the most effective. GSM-technology not only used for satellite alarm, but also in the GSM-pagers. Built-In Modem betrays data in the format of sms, gps, or Data call.

Transmitted to the user (a driver and a monitoring center) information may be different character: an alarm message, the coordinates of the location of the car, good condition / system failure, the message about low battery. To date, dozens of manufacturers are offering GSM-GPS-equipment. But all these devices are united by one drawback – they give jammed. Selecting devices suppress GSM-translation is great. They differ in size, capacity, range of action. Apply security services, detective agencies, and naturally Theft Auto.

To acquire such devices can be freely on the Internet. Cope with such devices is very simple. In some alarm, and in particular MS-P gsm, there exists a function as the control channel. Algorithm it is simple: between the GPS-pager installed on the vehicle and specially organized a server is constant ping. With some frequency the device sends data about its serviceability the server, which in turn makes sure that the device is in order. If a watchdog time signal is received on the server, it is recognized as jamming and the server generates a subscriber's phone or an alarm bell SMS-message. Practice shows that this occurs at the time of killing GSM-signal. Therefore, the car enthusiast, knowing where a parked car, able to evaluate the credibility of the threat, and in time to take the necessary measures. Thus, the function control channel allows you to keep your car.