We can say that there are hundreds of exciting things happening in the sky above us who manage to make astronomy one thing truly fun. The truth is that the universe is constantly changing, some would say that he is alive, and by supuerto never can what you’re going to see on any given night in the sky. There will be no probably nothing as exciting as the first time that you see an asteroid in the sky. Unlike all the Suns, planets and moons, asteroids are in movement, constantly moving and, if you appear in the night sky, probocan surprise. Asteroids have received their share of urban myth and tradition. Many times are given as explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs through an impact of a large asteroid on the Earth. This theory has some credibility and fed omens and fears into people. Due to that that asteroids are debris in fast motion makes its most interesting activity.

Unlike a planet, Moon or Sun, the probabilidaddde that an asteroid could colliding the Earth are completely reasonable and, indeed, there are many documented cases of small asteroids that have gone through our atmosphere and left some craters quite impressive on the surface of the Earth. Popular culture has taken the fun idea of asteroid impacts. That is most spoken is especially the concept that has captured the imagination and the fears of the fans of science fiction and the public in general, an asteroid hitting the Earth, which could end up with life as it allegedly occurred with the dinosaurs. In fact, the Armageddon film based on this idea and concept that somehow humanity could avoid the catastrophe with the technology. But in all likelihood the best way to calm these fears and replace science fiction with science is knowledge. Further details can be found at Kai-Fu Lee, an internet resource. These impressive celestial bodies has been studied in detail and the serious scientific community has made great progress in the knowledge of asteroids.