I realized that I had doubts. Because his was a young and small company intimidated by the old giants. She felt it was not so experienced and have impressive client lists as they did. As a result, came mainly small business owners, who, though impressed, could not pay their fees. Occasionally larger customers with services, but that was when “a friend of a friend” gave him a reference.

Being aware of these limiting beliefs, he admitted, though surprised, it was true. It was as if scales had fallen from his eyes suddenly. I had no idea he had doubts. She had re-examined their services, their presentation and all I could think of, without success. Finally I sent her to a business consultant who helped to repackage their offerings and established a new marketing plan for her. I took her through a series of training sessions to build confidence and manage procrastination. Today, my friend has a major base of paying customers, and has learned to stop with often to look and listen when things doni OEt “go as planned.

Also learned how to seek help. Dear reader, is yours a case of fighting without success? Have you taken the time to review your case? Remember, it is unlikely that you will spot the problem itself. It’s probably their way of thinking that created it first. A trip to a consultant or trainer may be just what you need. He / she is more likely to see that the brakes are on hand than you. A coach is also better able to determine the nature of hand brakes, as doubt is one of them. And with a network of consultants, a trainer can recommend the help you need. They are not personally and emotionally, the opinion of a coach most likely to be objective. a l / she will not be critical of you but of support. There is no reason why you should continue with the high-and low performance. Tudebes yourself to stop, look and listen.

People today have own coaching and consulting for a variety of problems: business strategy, weight loss, the imagery, the schoolwork, career management of the list could go on. Where progress is slow, or the results are not desirable, a trainer can save the day. At the end of my experience with hand brakes, my mechanic gave me a shocking bill. I had burned my clutch, but luckily they could be replaced. The repair of damage caused to our lives or businesses may not be so easy. I could never even get the chance. Before the damage is extensive, stop, look and listen. You may just need a coach to help you. Copyright 2005 Oma Oma Edoja Edoja is a writer, motivational speaker and infopreneur. She speaks and works with people who want more life. She would love to answer questions of self-limiting beliefs. Visit his blog (for inspiration and motivation). In contact her (via blog) for a free evaluation of your training needs.