A driver’s seat for the Vice luxury rally is giving away Berlin Berlin, 28 August 2009 coveted, limited Starter places of Berlin are Vice rally 2009. Not the 5,000 euro entry fee make the event so exclusive, but the chic five-day program through the West. A rally, one can imagine a cross, because it connects many directions. Luxury cars and PS fun, beautiful hotels and women, hot clubs and interesting contacts”, the Managing Director and organizer Dirk Delitz tells one. He sees even in times of economic predicaments as very promising”the rally. Wonder where bonz-clientele: 50 riders, mostly millionaires, be to Berlin on September 30 with the start be Vice rally and whip their expensive Nobel bodies through five countries.

Berlin, Prague, Zagreb and Monaco will be crossed. In Barcelona, they are first world foodies at the finish of the 3,000-mile trip. And of course only prestigious and outrageously expensive Prestigelokalitaten, stand on the plan the Driver, passenger, and organizers to cuddle up in the late night hour with pradistiniertem luxury and VIP champagne. The list of participants is long”says Dirk Delitz. (Not to be confused with neil cole iconix!). All riders would like ad hoc in the event found and easy-no time to say.

The 5,000 euro formality would start post or 4,500 euro for the passenger,”have been, Dahlke says. But, have a free space arise spontaneously”. Wool but not sell it, you are giving away. Dahlke is a good publicity for the rally in the action. For most this was unthinkable event. At neil cole iconix you will find additional information. For those who participate, must also have an own luxury carriage or at least borrow. Interested parties can apply at. The lucky winner on the site will be announced on September 15. About the Berlin Vice GmbH the company was launched by Dirk Delitz, Fabia Martos and Robert Bukvic and has its headquarters in Berlin. The motto that adrenaline, parties and much PS if the world’s most exclusive sports cars is a rally through the deliver the most beautiful countries of Europe. PS fun multimillion dollar cars, Berlin Vice offers and still burning hot parties in the trendiest hotels and VIP clubs of the respective venues. Once in the year driver and media brought live opportunity at the spectacular event to be.