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The regulation must follow 13 the regulatory practical good principles of having as objective harmonization and uniformizao between documents (obligator or voluntary) existing on the subject and the specific legislation of legal metrologia. 2.4.5 The metrolgica supervision Systems of metrolgico control can be idealized, be applied and to intervine in any of the stages of a process of manufacture or use, if regulated, in the definition of standards, frequency of official, condicionantes verifications ambient, job of instruments, qualified staff, tolerated errors, levels of trustworthiness, correct job, measurement processes, amongst other specific activities of 14 the Legal Metrologia . A metrolgico control considered here, the principle does not specify nor questions the type or model of the emitting antennas of the radio communication services, nor neither the formal and legal process of the installations. They do not have to intervene directly with the attributions of the responsible organisms for the definition and the system employee, being able to be waked up by means of accords and adjustments, the final responsibilities of each involved entity. Learn more on the subject from Apple. It is necessary that a regulation exists on the measurements, with instructions detailed on the adequate way of if measuring and evaluating the parameters caractersticos*, its tolerated limits, contributing for the uniformizao of the procedures, and serving of model for the believed companies or the credential professionals for the competent organisms for the execution of the control of the emissions, and of all process of installation of the stations radio-base. *So the measurable physical largenesses that characterize the stations radio base how much the emission of radiation of the antennas beyond complementary others as the measures of reception (calculation of the load has limited of Not Ionizing Radiation), the propagation directions, 3. CONCLUSION The system of legal metrologia has in its operational structure the capacity to provide metrolgica trustworthiness to the final user in some fields of measurement. .