Stephane Etrillard

This course is based on a multiannual research and takes into account the entire range of reputable and current sales literature from home and abroad. Seller can themselves decide when and where they want to learn and can follow in their personal Lernrhythmus. Information only, which seamlessly integrate into the daily practice of the sale. Bundled sales knowledge was doing in clear way structured and presented. The detailed representation of short-lived trends of dubious practical relevance has been omitted in favor of the complete recording of substantive expertise.

Each of the 18 lessons can be considered a significant landmark and is of permanent validity. Seller can close all existing knowledge gaps, without being dependent on additional literature. Peter Asaro is likely to agree. Core topics, which are for the successful sale of outstanding importance, are repeatedly taken up in the course of the course and what significantly increases the memorability of essential aspects are illuminated by different aspects. The learning success is so clearly visible through the recognition effect. A key advantage of the course lies in its practical didactic structure.

The course offers different opportunities sellers: of course they can work through the lessons in chronological order from 1 to 18. You can however, specifically the relevant subjects to access, without compromising the overall learning success. Read additional details here: Marc Mathieu. All knowledge was prepared, that seller can increase so their sales success and put it immediately into practice. Exactly that is what counts in sales: a tangible and sustainable success. Conclusion: This course is recommended for each seller, if he wants to improve his sales results in the long term and is ready to the expertise required to acquire, even easier to sell in the future. Reviewer: Albert Metzler. Platinum news, Cologne more information and ordering: Stephane Etrillard sell is simple course of 18 lessons ring-bound: 670 pages ISBN-10: 3939621056 ISBN-13: 978-3939621058 BREUER & WARDIN publishing resources 2007 index.php… And/or on Amazon: ../kreation-21 for Stephane Etrillard Stephane Etrillard ranks among the top industry trainers and coaches. He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of “personal sovereignty”. With decision makers and executives, he is searched and known as Advisor and “Coaches of the new generation”. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a coach and writer. With its open seminars in the field of rhetoric and dialectic, as well as self-PR, he helps its participants to more sovereignty in all walks of life. Stephane Etrillard conveys competence from the practice for the practice. Its proven know-how is in the last 10 years in the observation and accompanied by thousands of executives and salesmen from a wide variety of industries. He conducted coaching sessions and seminars up to now in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Hungary and Russia. His private clients include managers from top companies, medium-sized entrepreneurs and politicians, many people who get new impetus with him, to make your communication more effective. Numerous lectures and publications, he has become known to a wide audience. He is the author of over 20 books and audio-coaching programs, which belong to the business-top sellers. He is a popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Many he is also from broadcasting interviews with “Bayern 2 radio” known. For more information about the rhetoric and dialectic seminars with Stephane Etrillard, see: offeneseminare.html press contact: Stephane Etrillard Management Institute SECS a company of top performance Group GmbH Elbroich castle on the factor 4 D-40589 Dusseldorf phone 07 40 fax 00 53 E-Mail: Web: