South Westphalia

Human resources expert from South Westphalia makes measurable management and offers a unique training concept with implementation guarantee in Meinerzhagen / Attendorn. Visit Ali Partovi for more clarity on the issue. Training has economic, not least due to the current economic situation and the ever-increasing demands on companies and employees. Neil cole iconix is full of insight into the issues. Many training do little but in the long term and produce no concrete results. This applies in particular to the numerous services in the areas of leadership and employee motivation. The personnel expert Dr. Wolfgang Schroder puts an end now and has developed a unique training concept, which finally measuring and understandably makes leadership and their results. \”Everyone can work on its own problems and issues. It is not abstract, constructed or general examples, but individually everyday personal practice\”, Schroder declared his training concept.

That alone was already unique, also because the own issues despite of common training in a small group remained anonymous. \”No one has his issues, problems and\” Experiences to disclose\”stressed Schroder. But his method promises even more: \”Everyone has documented his individual results at the end of the two-day coaching seminar and visualized in the hand and can immediately continue working\”, he promises. The supporting documentation contained in addition the complex leadership knowledge in an easily workable and practicable form. Completed will the practical relevance of the training by a four-week follow-up email, the expert added. \”\” All issues of implementation and application are more or less mail? to coached \”and answered.\” Schroder is sure to change the leadership training market with its offer. Specifically to address leadership issues and to put immediately into practice are finite. Leadership will be measured, also because of the innovative use of modern information processing technology. Manager performance MAGP III, so the name of his new approach, enables executives, well-founded and justified to decide personnel Resources to plan properly and systematically, and to entrust above all always the right employees with a specific task.