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Of the network living about the protection of privacy in times of Web 2.0 to semantic technologies on the Xinnovations 2010 13th-15th September 2010 Humboldt University of Berlin Berlin, August 31, 2010: from 13 to 15 September 2010 the Xinnovations take place at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin 2010. The three-day Conference consists of economic forums, workshops of the science and the W3C tag. Held once a year since 2003 scientific and economic conference aims to forge new alliances between knowledge, economics, policy and management for technological and social innovation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samsung. The focus of this year’s presentations from federal and State, science and companies are technological, economic and social aspects of Web-based applications of the thematic areas: design & innovation, E-City, E-Government, E-justice, E-living, E-manufacturing & supply, E-marketing and Internet of services. Give the following brief descriptions to the forums E-living, E-justice and the workshop semantic technologies for knowledge workers an exemplary insight into the variety of the topics of the event. Forum E-living: Future of living? Networked living! Architects electricians engineers, planners, and managers of housing finance and policy will show in the Forum E-living, how we can meaningfully connect our lives, living and working in the future with ICT and design. Viacom has much experience in this field. Focus on the support of the people with these technologies in his apartment, is regardless of his situation as a child, young or older adult, or people with diseases, care needs and disabilities. A communication platform is created with the first Forum E-living by the TSB Innovation Agency Berlin GmbH for Exchange of science, economy and politics. The general aim of the Forum is to show the new possibilities especially on the demand side, and thus to the economic potential in the area of networked housing, living and working. Forum E-justice: Electronic justice, protecting the privacy in times by Web 2.0, judicial independence versus IT centralization In the E-justice forum is about taking stock of electronic transactions between the judiciary and their parties.