Savings Money

And if the glass in the center line of heat transfer between panes prevents air gap, then the edges, where the frame (marginal zone), insulation is minimal. This is an area usually falls and condensation. Therefore, if intelligently approach the selection of the glass, then the thickness of the profile can be save, that is, You can safely take the 3-chamber. Replacing the aluminum frame in the pane on the plastic, we can partially solve the problem kondensatoobrazovaniya in the marginal zone. In addition, a white plastic frame has aesthetic appearance than metal. The difference in price is not much tangible – the window go up about 150 rubles.

Without dwelling on this, go ahead. Technological advances now allow us to improve the insulation properties of the glass – we use it. Order a double-glazed windows with so-called top-coating. What is it? This is – a very thin layer of silver oxide on one of the glass inside the glass. Due to their properties, such coverage reflects the cold (longwave) radiation from the street back to the street, passing into the warm (short wave). In summer the hot weather top-coating is the opposite role: does not pass into the warm rays, keeping cool in the home. On energy-efficient light transmission glass top-coat effect is small and visually almost imperceptibly (outside you can see a bluish tint glass.) Heat loss from glass top th reduced by 10-15%. In this window going up by only 200-250 rubles.

Thus, ordering a plastic window, you can save the profile (3-chamber instead of the 5-chamber), a little spent on the plastic frame and top-coated in insulating glass units. Savings Money, however, is not very big – about 500 rubles a single window, but the payoff will be as significant. By the way, top-coating can be applied to not one but two glass pane. In this case, the heat will drop more more. It is important that when installing windows installers sorienirovali correctly. This can be easily controlled by the labels on the glazing: Pay attention, there should be an inscription – "side of the room." In general, many of the secrets of measuring, installation, adjustment and finishing of plastic windows can be found on related sites