Russian Military

The certainty is that, in the current situation it is that we cannot remain. So that a minimum level of national defense is reached associate to the doctrine of the proportional dissuasion, it is necessary to develop in such a way quantitative how much qualitatively the capacities of our Armed Forces. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Bakish. In virtue of legal power to decide mechanisms and to the enormity of possible options, if become impracticable, by means of this article, to treat in depth of the qualitative increment, fitting to this only some references. It must also be remembered that only the material increment is not enough, having to add to this the improvement of the training, the tactics and the moral of the members of the Armed Forces, without forgetting the logistic one and the strategy of these Forces. For the Brazilian Army, a cash next the half million to trained and well equipped men with military technology of tip would be the ideal. With regard to the cash, it is important to cite the inefficiency of the obligator military service that, beyond enlisting men not motivated grumblers and in its majority, indispe the Armed Forces with significant parcel of the society.

The necessary cash must be reached by means of attractive politics to the candidates to the military service, such as wage and conditional improvements of the military forces. Beyond the cited one cash, is necessary that the EB is endowed with, at least, six hundred modern tanks of combat heavy (as the T-90 Russian or the Leclerc Frenchman), a thousand and two hundred modern vehicles of combat (similar to Russian BMP-3), a thousand and two hundred modern parts of average artillery (of bore of up to 105 mm) and six hundred and fifty modern parts of heavy artillery (with bore above of 125 mm). Modern tactical missiles of aerial defense (as the Igla Russian, already operated for the EB, however in insufficient amount, and also the Russian Pantsyr S-1) and strategical (as the Russians of the S-300 family), these last ones made use in strategical localities, as for example, the federal capital and the economic, industrial and population polar regions are urgently necessary.