Principle Life Jacket

Thomas Zehender from reveals how clever entrepreneurs ensure that their offerings are immediately accepted Ulm, September 29, 2010: every self-employed person has ever experienced it: the offer is out there but an answer fails to materialize. On demand are evasive answers such as: “no need” or even the infamous “we get back to you”. Of course, that never happens, because when the demand is only once since, the offer is already in the drawer – or worse – in the round tray – say trash. The problem is convenience. Why now act, if still 14 days time? What an offer pick up, where one yet at any time may request a replacement? People are just so… Thomas Zehender, journalist and professional copywriter from Ulm, knows this problem – and points to in his new article “remain above rather than perish – the life jacket for your offer” the solution: timing is the most important. The offer meet a current need, success was almost pre-programmed. Zaheer reveals how providers can not only recognize this need, but even produce.

It is matter to cause a sense of urgency for the recipient of the supply. He should know that he must act now. This be done preferably by shortages of supply. Whether a limited time special offer, a limited number of pieces, or a temporary additional service – each of these resources create the reader feel to miss something if he hesitate longer. “At the same time deliver his arguments with which he in hindsight rational can – justify his purchase decision such as compared to superiors, the wife etc – although currently there is no need was seen”, as the author of the other benefits of this approach. His conclusion: The “principle of life jacket” works for each offer – the fantasy here is limitless.

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