More And More UMTS Of Flatrates

The mobile Internet is on the rise, and with him the UMTS flat rate mobile Internet is the UMTS flat rates on the rise and with it. According to current polls allegedly had every third German mobile phone users will regularly access the mobile Internet. In most cases, this will certainly limit on short queries of the email mailbox, or a quick Google search. However, more and more people have a modern mobile phone or Smartphone, with the download of videos or music is possible. Sony often expresses his thoughts on the topic. On top of that, the share of laptops increasing increasingly in the overall computer market. But what brings a the mobility of a laptop, one ha for greater use of appropriate Internet access on the road is ordinary SIM cards no longer, even if some prepaid discounters offer quite affordable data plans, at the cost outweighs the benefits intensive use here too quickly. This is where come today’s UMTS flat rates in the game, which allow an unlimited Internet access via mobile phone or notebook for a monthly fee.

In terms of price and there are however large differences transfer speeds. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Steve Wozniak. Get fast UMTS flatrates of the fastest flat rates in the networks of T-Mobile and Vodafone, which should be here, not necessarily to the operators themselves, but prefer discount stores should use one of the many UMTS. While T-Mobile and Vodafone claim 39,95 euros per month for the UMTS flat rate, these are available at other vendors already for 10 to 20 euros less. The cheapest UMTS Flatrate in the network of T-Mobile there are currently from simply requiring only 19.95 per month and this even without any contractual commitment. Additional costs arise only by the connection fee of EUR 24.95 and the necessary hardware, the surf stick, which will be offered for 59 euros. The Mobook UMTS flat rate is currently particularly interesting in the network of Vodafone.

The monthly cost amount is at Mobook 29.95 euros (cheaper isn’t Vodafone so far), for it does not have the provider completely on the connection fee and also the surf stick is free of charge. On top of that, new customers are also given to the first three months of the flat rate. On request it is also possible even a subsidized notebook, the monthly basic price increases but to 34.95 euros. Also, O2 and E-plus offer mobile Internet flat rates to even slightly cheaper than others, but the transfer rates are lower in these networks. While T-Mobile and Vodafone thanks to HSDPA EHCI of up to 7.2 MBit / s, end already with O2 at 3.6 Mbit/s. E-Plus is so far not yet represented in the area of UMTS and manages the EDGE standard only to 384 kbit / s.