Maesria Education

I knew the face of the masters in holistic education and this wonderful movement to Dr. Ramon Gallegos, who us East and explained the model of holistic education and thus explained the term holistic, a term collection meaning in that first encounter with the pedagogy of universal love, I astonished the fact witness a different session to the traditional which included the management of terms of which very few or zero times we played as individuals and societyHe spoke of the problems of education in Mexico and what offered this new pedagogy to break the paradigm in traditional education. It was then so as me aventure on this trip, which, I believe, came into my life at an opportune time, and decided to hold me to it, I called my attention early on find me with a being (Dr. Ramon Gallegos) fair, controlled and balance of his being, we all know that it is ideal or what many of us seeks to be, but do as had succeeded the?, was my interest and fascination for know, a person from the start note taking time for structuring or answer a question, is not reactive, without masks, etc. Qualities that many of us pregonamos have without knowing the real meaning of these, my interest was still growing, if the response to this was education holistic I wanted to be part of this. With respect to the Group of the masters in holistic education, the integration of the members, not in its entirety, was noted but if I can say today that there arose great friendships, we returned to the institution and speculated many positive things from this project and scope that could bring to the institution as; change of attitude, integration, teamwork, increase the number of graduate teachers, improve the working environment, etc. We are great fighters, we passed a number of unfortunate factors, but that does not stop us to go ahead. . (Source: Bobby Sharma Bluestone).