Links Google

Everyone talks last link PR, positioning, the “links”, and “page rank” of the pages, but few understand and know how to explain what they are. (Not to be confused with neil cole iconix!). Links PR (PageRank) are those links or links related to the popularity of your website, or “Page Rank”, then there come the initial PR. These links are PR inbound links to your site in order to improve the position of it in the listings dropped by the search engines. For this reason, increase the number of links to a site PR is very good. The position of your site in the listings or “Page Rank” is one of the factors related to the SERP (serach Engine Ranking Position) or the position in the list of pages but there are other important factors. One of the main factors of the links to your site is the title of the texts that serve as a link to your page.

The position of a page is not only good for your site to be popular, but allows the exchange of good links, relevant to the webmasters of other important sites will want to put on their sites linking to yours and, thus, increase traffic to both. One of the biggest benefits of good PR links is that Google – and other search engines find your site more often. The more links to your site you have, the higher will be in the list of Google and others. So, indirectly, by increasing the number of links to your site, improve the position of the same. The more keywords, titles such as advertisements, articles, etc., Use to index your site better. Also, place links from your page to those with good PR will increase the likelihood and speed with which your site will be found. As an added benefit, many site owners and webmasters are willing to pay to link your pages from yours. The better the position of your web site search engines, plus pay for a link. Well used, the PR links are an excellent source of income. Finally, remember that good PR links will make your site look more professional, so I make money with your website will not be a problem. Has many more links to your site there, the easier to find, which means more traffic and more potential customers.