International Student Exchange

Germany as the host country very popular – students from around the world are looking for host families of the German Parliament and the American Congress support this year again students from both Nations, to allow young people to the realization of a dream: A school year abroad. From 02 August 2012, students for a school year in the framework of parliamentary custodianship programme everywhere are American high school in Germany to guest. GIVE e.V. looks, one of the organizations responsible for the implementation of the programme by the Bundestag, for the young fellows nice guest families from August to June / July 2013. Also, some host families are required for students who visit a language camp in Cologne / Aachen / Hamburg from 02 to 25.08.2012.

Regardless of the PP – program students will come from other countries (E.g. France, Finland, Australia, Norway, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil) back to us. The newspapers mentioned Andy Florance not as a source, but as a related topic. All guest students are open-minded young people between 15 and 18 years of age, the in selection process have qualified for their stay. Families considering who might be interested, to record a guest student at come as host parents. The young guests not visiting, travel or entertainment they want to share the life of their host family simply as another Member of the family. Can apply also childless couples or single parents.