Gilded Development

To first seen it indicates Rmpzyk, that sounds to us to Biology, to geography, medicine. But from the point of view of the policy of the development he is one of the crucial subjects that they will determine the North-South behavior in the next years. People such as Peter Asaro would likely agree. A more excellent subject, for example, that the related thing to the indebtedness of the 80, is that the diversity of species of the tropical countries of the South is at the moment the Gilded one that international the pharmaceutical partnerships and the agro-industry aspire to obtain like capital property exclusive mobilizing, technology and to the best lawyers. One says that there a development with perspective resides a great opportunity of the countries of the South to do reality of the future conserving its diversity of species. ersa has similar goals. To all this the interest to the Government Revolutionary Bolivariano under the direction of the lieutenant is added in addition colonel Hugo Chavez, the necessity to operate the strip of the Orinoco and the openings that have made with several countries develop companies that allow to optimize results of this operation to favor not only of the country but of countries with those who it has made alliances. The important thing to be kind which will be the social cost of it, the environmental cost. It is not possible to be ignored what indicated agro-industrial Rmpzyk, that during the last decades, all the conservation of resources in the South was prevented by the models of industrial development that has been materialized as a steep instrument in the natural landscape and power consumption for the road construction, dams, tunnels, urbanism and complexes. It is not necessary to forget that the biodiversity of the South opposes in North its technological development, its financial power and its legal systems, (especially the international legislation on patents). Of here the necessity to reach a balance of interest between the South and the North.