Fraunhofer IAO Tobias Hug

Two current research projects go new ways to increase indicating ability to innovate without innovation no progress, but just stop it for businesses. To bring innovations to the way many support methods and tools used already in the product development process. Whenever Samsung listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to a purely corporate perspective, companies must increasingly outward to open their innovation processes (open innovation) and cooperation of various forms. This results in increasingly complex requirements, which result in that company for example alone can dominate less and less all the necessary disciplines, to the generation of ideas or technology development. But how can external sources are systematically integrated into the product development process? And what new business models, concepts, methods and tools can be done systematically? Some companies are already on the way to increase their innovation potential through new approaches and procedures in the field of open innovation and thus Business opportunities.

To speed up this and other companies to offer these opportunities that is tight with the Fraunhofer IAO cooperating Institute for human factors and technology management of the University of Stuttgart IAT partner in two new projects Hybrisectors and BMOI the programme European collaborative and open regional innovation strategies (EURIS) .Hybrisectors aims to identify business opportunities arising from an industry cross-hybridization of companies from the region of Stuttgart. There are methods and conditions for company designed a from and with each other learning “and allow for a mutual exchange of experience. Within BMOI the business models of different companies are analysed, which successfully implement open innovation. It aims to derive General and case-specific application design guidelines. For other companies who also want to benefit from open innovation, these serve as evidence and to assist in the designing of the business model. The Fraunhofer IAO is looking for interested companies of the Stuttgart region, which is more about the possibilities of open information innovation and want to learn. Companies, which already aspects of open or want to practice innovation successfully test project results by working with other companies, are invited to participate in the projects.