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Internationally valid procedures and methods, such as the GHG Protocol and the DIN EN 16258 provide standards in the determination of CO2 emissions. Munich/Greifenberg, February 9, 2012 – the NADIA Institute for energy, ecology and economy deals since 1999 with primary energy and CO2 emissions. As an independent Institute, she has numerous national and international companies in the area of determining CO2 in the logistics and calculating company further carbon footprints. The NADIA’s achievements were always service-oriented and range from consulting, auditing and validating the calculations of third parties. February 1, 2012, joins together the NADIA PropPit AG and is a privately owned joint stock company, which is part of the partner network of the microstep Alliance. The PropPit AG has many years of experience in software development for the financial industry, as well as expert knowledge of mathematics and physics. The new NADIA AG can therefore their expertise and resources in the field of software development greatly expand.

We are looking forward to make transparent solutions with our experience in complex tasks and to introduce into the new NADIA AG. For us, CO2 management software must satisfy not only today’s needs, but provide a platform, to take account of future developments. “She should as quickly as possible and easy to use and can be integrated into existing IT environments” Christian Schramm, physicist, founder of PropPit AG and Executive Board says the new NADIA Technology AG. With the development team of PropPit AG we can can finally give our customers software solutions at hand, which in accordance with international standards on inaccurate averages have come to rely, but capture their company-specific values, control and reduce,”explains Dr.-ing. Thomas Fleissner, founder and Managing Director of NADIA and Board strategy of the NADIA AG. With the new NADIA AG, we bring the scientific perspective of NADIA to a new level, the Frida software solutions a sustainable business and the reporting of CO2 emissions for companies greatly simplifying.” The cooperation of PropPIt AG and of NADIA solution family Frida in based on the previously introduced NADIA tools e3 for calculating emissions in logistics and for calculating the carbon footprint: FridPlatform a service-oriented architecture is the basis of software solutions. You acts as emission engine and associated spreadsheet logic with emission database. The highly flexible structure allows also sharing with existing transport management systems (TMS) via XML, Web service or the integration into existing management systems of a company.

Logistics companies can determine quickly and easily transport emissions of your fleet in a software-as-a-service application FridLog with FridLog per shipment by truck, train, ship, plane, or for the entire fleet. FridCorp offers a software solution for the creation of the enterprise as well as SaS solution available, FridCorp Carbon footprint according to international standards and the NADIA TopDown approach, as well as for the CO2 management. The new NADIA AG extends their sites by the name change. In addition to the former based in the town near Munich, the company moves into rooms in Munich. For more information by phone under + 49 8192 99733 20 or via e-mail at interested parties under,