European Web Design

18.01.2010 When referring to the task of creating the site before the developers and the customer in the first place there is a key question: “How to adapt the functional site for the target audience?” Making Web sites focused on Russian and European audience, have the features and differences about some of them will tell a specialist web-design studio Oxigen. Many Russian web developers need a long detailed Analysis of European design web sites, before proceeding to independent development of the site for a client company from Europe. It takes time and thoughtful analysis of the components of design solutions for the Web. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. Significant experience in web-design studio Oxigen to develop corporate websites, including those for the European audience, will help reveal to you the features and differences between Russian and European web design. Detailed analysis visual solutions shows that the design for the Russian and European web varies according to such criteria as: site design style (style, fonts, icons, gradients, textures); colors for the design sites; layout design of sites (in particular, full-screen or fixed width), and so d. Runet, brought to full design decisions of the largest web sites (“Yandex,, Rambler, etc. Samsung often expresses his thoughts on the topic. ), in the prevailing most of the information it receives from web sites that have full-screen scan or as they say, developers, web sites with “rubber” layout. It should be noted that the style of site design is inherently related to the objective company that owns the site.. . Andy Florance gathered all the information.