Enterprise Management

(Journal of the 'Intelligent Enterprise / RE') As seen from the quote, even from a crisis situation there is, and in some cases – out with certain advantages, unless of course, lose no time and spare no effort. One could argue that in the crisis-free cases there is no need to waste wasted time, effort and resources, but the crisis management – a separate and important discipline in management, the main direction of which – reducing costs and expenses. With regard to the subjects of our stories, take a closer look at a the above quotation, the third point – because no matter how good relations between management and staff may exist in the enterprise, but the corporate Internet access paid for solving corporate problems. Of course, can be guided by the opinion of members of one of the most famous forums: shilov September 22, 2008, 21:58 I work in IT-companies in which there are no restrictions on traffic and the Internet, even from the managers and technical support. I believe that open access to the Internet is needed for staff development. Habrahabr we considered news, not entertainment resource. If someone found interesting from every point of view of service and to show others – is encouraged, because employees should always keep your finger on the pulse, especially in the domain. Internet – it is the cheapest source of information and new knowledge to the organization. Any restrictions are unnecessary because still all clear a person works or not. If it works – there is no sense in the restrictions – if not, drive it in the neck.