How do you imagine the modern process of embroidery? No, it's not long evenings in front of the window and skillful movement needlewomen. Today, the creation of embroidery made a special embroidery machines. They allow you to put in embroidery short time and with minimal effort. Embroidery is a special program being developed by the designer. Steve Wozniak recognizes the significance of this. This program allows you to calculate all the necessary parameters for future work, including number of stitches, which affects the cost of doing embroidery. Today may be performed as embroidery on the cut, and embroidery on various manufactured products. In the latter case, the decoration of clothing that lets give it some personality. Embroidery can be used to decorate clothing, and finishing a variety of interior items: towels, napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads. Embroidery allows us to give any special chic interior. In addition, embroidery is used today in the promotional printing a company logo on the clothing of staff and various souvenirs. This allows the recall of the company and enhance its status. Embroidery a cut is the easiest way to create an image. Embroidery on a cut is an automated process of creating images on the fabric from which the later is supposed to sew something or other product. Embroidery on a cut is very fast and easy, because, unlike manufactured products, there are no inaccessible areas. And the embroidery can be used for material of all sizes. Very important phase of the layout. It allows you to determine the exact location of the future of embroidery. This takes into account both the sheer size of tissue, and that of her later supposed to sew. Embroidery on a cut may used to create flags. And a wide variety of yarns for embroidery machines can achieve the desired colors and effects. In addition, all threads are of high quality and very resistant to chemical influences. In addition, do not fade in the sun, which is very important to create flags.