Different Types

Flowers have always been a great pleasure to the eye, just as are a large and vast variety, full of colors, flavors and styles, among many other features that make them take the elegance and beauty, so much so These beautiful creations of nature come to love about as much to the pleasure of humans who become experts and analysts from the flowers, so much so that in order to classify the immensity of flowers that have gathered there all kinds of flowers in June or general issues as follows: The types of flowers that will be discussed first are the flowers according to their symmetry, so we can find those cigoformas known as the symmetry of these types of flowers is about a single plane, so form a plane will always be different to another level, other aspects or types of flowers are called actinoformas, which have two similar parts, the last appearance for the classification of the types of flowers is the asymmetry, as it name says, it has an axis of symmetry. The second aspect to classify types of flowers, is the separation between the petals, so are the gamopetalous, which all the petals are joined together, giving the impression to form a single petal and dipetalas, which its petals are separated from each other. Another element to make the distinction between the types of flowers is to establish the separation of the component parts of sepals or calyx, so if you have separate sepals will disepala, and if its sepals are joined together will gamosepalous. Another means to make the distinction or classification of the types of flowers is the way of grouping or arrangement of flowers and specifies that flowers are single and which are not and are on inflorescences, which are the ramifications of the stem. Please visit Michael Dell if you seek more information. Other types of flowers are determined by the length of the styles – connecting parts of pollen reception areas with floral organ-female, about the yarn, which is the male organ.

Thus if the flower has longer styles will longistila and if the system has short styles will brevistila. As a final method of classification for determining which types of flowers is this the position of the ovary on the corolla. This will find superovariadas flowers which are the most common flowers, they have a feminine floral organ is on the point which gives the insertion of the petals, and the other way to characterize the flowers are the inferovariadas , which have an ovary from the point of insertion of the petals, in these situations, the female floral organ is enclosed by the thalamus. By the same author: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. This classification by type of flowers is very useful for those flower lovers who want a deeper understanding of them.