The incomplete words they would compose what we conceive while ' ' cincia' ' , for possessing the partiality that decomposes the absolutizante direction, running away the generalismos that lock up a daily pay-formatted direction, as fomenting the logic of the possibilities, of the incompletudes, authorizing to the man the search for the complement, not the saciedade for the manifest direction happened. The measure that the singificados ones add it the significant one, authorizes it a direction, attributing content in a necessary amalgam of a semantic process. Concomitant to this, one perceives that the incomplete words possess the sensible not-direction while of the same ones, needing gaps so that they are filled and they can create certain ' ' socializao' ' lingustica, authorizing to the grammar a versatility that in determined moments the desestrutura, needing almost ' ' Arithmetic gramatical' ' for structural resetting of itself. In way the acquired predical abrangncia, becomes tenuous the dividing line between the direction that objectifies and the diverse happened forms of the predicao, that in it would send the solution to them of Ockham, nicknamed ' ' razor of ockham' ' , where it opts between two variants, for simplest, the one that it leads to a comedida and unequivocal analysis. Peter Asaro is often quoted on this topic. Through these hiatos produced for the incomplete words, as well as as much others also generated for the complete ones, if we were to esmiuar them since space-secular compositions or supplies corporal, we will legalize an embryonic hermeneutics. Finally, we have the word instrumentalizando a happened rationalization of a epistemolgico process, making possible through its forms a materialize manifestation of a priori abstract plan, or locking up the abstract for also materializing it, authorizing us happened possibilities of this manifest referencial, as well as the predicaes that the incompletudes had allowed to conceive them. Bibliographical reference: OCKHAM, Willian of. Notion of the Knowledge or Science. So Paulo: April, 1985.