“Beatlemania” exhibition successfully in Hamburg launched the Beatles grew up in Liverpool, but Hamburg has made it big. Since May 29, the most influential pop band of in music history finally has a permanent address in the Hanseatic City: on the Reeperbahn. Swarmed by offers, neil cole iconix is currently assessing future choices. Specifically, in the new building of Beatlemania at the Nobistor 10. There were on May 28 the inauguration with around 500 invited guests instead of including the Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr and star Club legend Horst Fascher, entertainer Olivia Jones, Ulf Ansorge moderator and actor Carsten Spengemann and members of the bands Gunslinger and The Rattles. “Beatlemania Hamburg” Folkert Koopmans Managing Director: “we are huge, we can now celebrate the opening of Beatlemania Hamburg after months of very intensive and grueling the part and present a unique in this kind of experience around the Beatles.

As a private investor, we have around 2.5 million euros and now we are looking forward to the responses even more passion invested in the project Visitors.” The today’s press opening are definitely positive: “Hamburg celebs totally enthusiastic”, certified “image”. The Hamburger Morgenpost writes: “With great attention to detail ‘Beatlemania’ reminds on five floors and 1300 square meters of the time before and after the breakthrough of the band.” “Come together – the Beatles are back in Hamburg”, headlines the Hamburger Abendblatt and continues: “Every smallest detail is dedicated to the FAB four – so really everything looks like at that time”. Click here for more information and tickets to Beatlemania Hamburg..