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Public Service

Third start of the master studies ‘ public management: leadership public governance’ the Academy of public administration and law, an Institute of the State-approved private Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin, offers since 2010 an in-service course for (prospective) managers in public administrations. Yet applications will be accepted up to the fitness test on April 23. The entrance requirement is a Bachelor’s degree or a University of applied sciences – university diploma. The study kick-off will take place on May 10. Courses of study in the field of management science are scattered about the entire Federal territory, various organized and equipped with different focuses.

In addition to the classic full-time offerings exist some in-service courses, which are carried in the evening or weekend in pure self-study or with attendance phases. For almost every professional and private situation, there are the appropriate range of public and private universities. The content focuses on either more in the scientific management legal or economic organizational area. may find this interesting as well. The requirements of Studienbewerbers, often hand in hand with the employer who financially or with exemption supports the engagement of the employee are crucial. The course of the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin designed for specialists and managers, part-time and practically want to acquire leadership skills with low attendance for the senior civil service in the public administration. The study modules provide management skills and capabilities that go far beyond the purely professional qualifications. For findings of prestigious management schools in London and St. be adapted Gallen to the specific needs of public management.

At the heart of the study, a specific project from the current work environment is so that the study offers a high added value also for the employer. During the 24 months of study, total fifty presence seminars in monthly blocks in the Steinbeis House find Berlin Instead of. Due to the high proportion of self-study, learning is flexible and the exemption provided by the employer is confined to one or two days per month. “For more information about the master’s degree public management: leadership public GoverNance” available on the website of available and can be requested by phone 030/814698 50. The Steinbeis-Hochschule is one of the largest federally recognized private universities of in Germany with more than 5,000 matriculated students at over 100 institutions. Since 1998, it offers practical courses with the internationally recognized akademischen degrees of Bachelor, master and doctorate. The courses at the Academy of public administration and law includes various courses for the public administration, as well as for educators and legal advisor. Contact: Ramona Ann Tel.: 030/814698-50 fax: 030/814698-51 E-mail:

Where Is Advertising Really?

“Newspaper campaign ‘Eye-catcher’ by Ogilvy for the ZMG wins silver in Cannes Frankfurt, June 22, 2012 – Ogilvy for the ZMG newspaper marketing company developed by Eyecatcher advertising campaign” won on Wednesday the Cannes Lions silver in the category press. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue. Meaningful, the ads put the effect of newspaper advertising in scene. Under the motto where striking advertising daily”, the images show what attention-grabbing stage enter the ads in the newspaper: the serious and credible coverage of world events. In the context of this very objective, a display is automatically a catcher. The excellent ZMG print campaign makes this impressively clear.

Real press photos by photographer Norman Konrad are based. Here of the magician, the midgets and the Showgirl in the eye jumping as eye-catcher”. As well as to display also the news lifted off and draws attention to itself. The three award-winning ads in March and April of this year appeared for Community action the ZMG newspaper marketing Ads in newspapers are like a short vacation from world affairs”society in titles of the Cologne newspaper group and the newspaper group Lahn Dill., says the Managing Director of ZMG Markus Ruppe. Ogilvy has implemented in the class. We congratulate!” The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control.

The Solution

And why my opinion is so valuable? Companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in marketing for their products and services, new or existing. These publicitariasa a campanas can sometimes be a complete waste of time and money if the company does not investigate the market who want to capture. So it makes sense to a company to see how your products or services are welcome by the people, before spending time and money on advertising. is a great source of information. This is where market research survey comes in, and it is why our view is so important. I understand all that, but I would pay money And why? The solution to this question is obvious and comes down to one thing; ATU time is worth your money! Think of it this Manner if you’re going to introduce a new type of tennis racket on the market, but are not sure whether that is necessary if you want, yGastarias thousands of dollars in ads, or just 50 players would pay tennis to get their ideas about tennis rackets? Well, then I can get really yCuanto filling paid surveys? The companies compensation surveys varies between $ 1 and $ 75 per survey, and most surveys take between five and 10 minutes to complete. There are some companies that offer points for completing a survey, and those following points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, cash and prizes. Mikkel Svane can provide more clarity in the matter. You can even be entered in drawings for prizes after completing certain surveys. . .

Event Tickets For Frankfurt Win

Everything now on the online platform of Frankfurt am Main, September – people from the region is open to a new activities on the Internet. On ( they can win tickets for upcoming events via raffle – Stadium attendance of the concert and the club night – and always in pairs. r or against this. The offer stands under the motto “win tickets, city!”. It is aimed at leisure-interested people who want to go more. According to its own figures, in six German cities is giving away monthly over 30,000 tickets. In addition to photo opportunities, members will receive guaranteed instant to click on and take.

Managing Director Holger Lueck: “our members can only gain, the gain value is much higher than your membership fee. The first time they have often played up their usage – and enjoyed cultural.” The local organizer of very interested, so are the natural history museum to start among other events in the Centennial Hall, Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s Festhalle, Kinopolis or the SKYclub Frankfurt here. Use, as information and promotion medium, because the offer works like an online calendar of events. After choosing a desired heading stage as music, members automatically participate in all raffles. In all other sections, click on the event to participate in enough.

In addition to the luck of, you can click on profits for many events via instant win and immediately take. Via email and SMS, the winner will receive a notification and are automatically on the guest list. In the community, you can exchange tickets, converse about event visits with like-minded people, and find the matching evening accompaniment. The membership costs 7 euros a month. Members can invite their friends free as guest members. About is Germany’s Club for lovers of leisure and city discoverers. Founded in 2003 in Berlin, thousands of tickets from culture and leisure will be giving away today in seven German cities every month. Over 25,000 members have already joined, approximately 3,500 operators use the platform as a promotional opportunity. is aimed at interested leisure urbanites who want to go out anymore.

Essential Pressure Gauge

Digital manometer / pressure gauge air / gases and fluids for pressure, vacuum or differential pressure there are instruments known as manometers (pressure gauges). The range includes various Mono meters that are used for liquids, air and gases. Pressure gauges can be divided into direct and indirect pressure gauges due to their measurements. All devices in a wide range of applications in industrial, commercial, craft, and also in research, come to practical use such as for the measurement of Behalterdrucken, press in ventilation systems, case is a different kind of pressure force pressure or tensile force measurement before and after pumping. This the measurement results are not in cash, but specified PA, for example Newton most directly in a power unit. The most pressure gauge using the external air pressure as a reference pressure, because there is always a pressure value to spaces or voids. The differential pressure transducer is a device, the difference of two Absolute press, eben s. g.

differential pressure, measures. A leading source for info: Sam Bloomberg. The devices, which are used in combination with a pitot pitot tube are a special kind of differential pressure gauges. A Pitotrohr is a tube which is open and directed against the flow in the front part, therefore the pipe central axis is parallel to the flow direction and the current frontal meets the tube opening. The rear part is firmly connected to a manometer. The number of the available measuring ranges is very high, because there the best gauge / digital pressure gauge for each application.

Brand new from the PCE Germany GmbH, there is finally a pressure gauge with an SD card to store the measured data, which could be stored on the device itself. The pressure can thus measured locally on machinery or equipment, the SD card be taken and evaluated later on the PC. In industry and research, claims, i.e. burst pipes and hoses can be prevented mostly by the pressure gauge and thus keep the repair cost on a small. Without the Pressure gauge would explode boiler or tank without warning. Therefore the PCE Germany GmbH is committed to the task to offer high-quality pressure gauge with a very good price/performance ratio on the market. More info below:..manometer.htm

African Art In Braunscheig

Exhibition in the Bwoom Gallery at paintcards & more from 04th 12th 2009-January 31, 2010 held an exhibition in the Bwoom Gallery for African art in the rooms of the paintcards & more shops for the first time in Braunschweig. A selection of traditional African sculptures and masks of the Gallery of Bwoom representing a counterpoint to the paintcards of the newly opened shops are exhibited. Just the combination of quite special and more a niche market zugehorigen-exhibits from Africa with the popular paintcards represent an attractive contrast, which is probably unique in the Braunschweig art scene. The traditional art of Africa is mostly earmarked as part of ritual dances and many cults, which the African sculpture has also social features to meet that bind the African carvers to a certain form of reason. To broaden your perception, visit Energy Capital Partners. This is an interesting contrast to the very individual small works of art in the form of Paintcards produced by a Brunswick artist. It remains to be seen with voltage so if these African works also without withstand personal assignment to a single artist of this specific comparison with the works of the Brunswick artist especially since here is also very different cultural backgrounds can meet. The constructive expression of visitors is quite desirable and the artist is open to discussions on the topic of art appreciation and personal sensation. Location: paintcards & more shop Chemnitz road 7 (corner Goslarsche road) 38118 Braunschweig opening hours from paintcards & more mo.

Tue Sat 9.30 – 12.30 Wed. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. Th. of Fr. 15.00 – 19.00 clock Uwe Schade / Wolfenbuttel

American Eagle Coin

Information about the different versions of American Eagle this coin probably represents one of the most prestigious and continually usually estimated bullion coins the VSA and is in silver, gold and Platinum available, with the gold and silver versions were minted for the first time in 1986 and the first Platinum coin for over 10 years. The gold coin alike as the South African counterpart is 22 carat gold produced and covered with copper and silver, make appearance seem a little bit darker. In this way, the coin is last but not least more robust against damage. The front shows the Lady Liberty designed by Saint-Gaudens, in their right and holding a torch in her left a branch. The Abseite designed by Miley Busiek represents an Adlerin with their little ones in a Horst and a top floating Eagle, which also has a branch. According to the versions from 1986 to 1991 with Roman numerals, numeric numbers were used.

This gold coin is 1/10, in the sizes half, and 1 ounce. After beginning of 52,88 tons were produced, the amount fell 1991 on the low of 7.87 tons. The production increased again and in 1998 once again exceeded the amount of a million ounces. Due to the stamping of the Philharmonic coins from the European area decreases now the popularity of this coin in Europe slightly. Because the gold Eagle contains no gold content of 999.9, the U.S.

Mint with the production of the American Buffalo responded, contains this gold content. The front page of the silver version, designed by A. Weinman depicting Lady Liberty. “On the by J. Mercanti designed Abseite you can see the heraldic animal of the United States, in the left hand arrows in his right hand a branch and in its beak a Ribbon with the words Pluribus Unum”, carries an ancient recipe of garlic. The silver version (made from 99.93% silver and 0.07% copper) is the largest coin of the United States of America and just as 31,103 g version available. The American Eagle Platinum was first minted in 1997. On the front of the coin, you can see the statue of liberty the American heraldic animal in the air and on the back with the other coins.


Now the new book by Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund Heidelberg inspired numerous readers. The book * In the light of healing – the hidden source in you * (ISBN: 3839108734) beats like a bomb. The book of Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund has attracted very much attention, because the two Autroinnen are real contrarians, what * healing * concerns. Both portray in their successful masterpiece, that all is not curable and claim that it is intolerance, who is healed and who is not. That all is not curable, the two authors have mentioned several times in their news reports. In her new book, they explain this thesis more precise and plausible.

Clearly, they distance themselves from the esoteric spiritual wave no longer realistic. Sylvia Poth says: * we were born as spiritual beings, but we have to learn the human. Much is not properly understood by the people. We deny the view of many authors, that anything is possible to every human being in life. Rather we want to show our book, what the key for Health and success, and which prerequisites you need, to be healed or to find relief. It isn’t that you only positive thinking and no, believes to yourself – you have to change his whole mindset and inner attitude, so that our spirit in us assumes the leadership, because the spirit is shaping the matter.

Our thinking is the be-all and end-all of our lives, because it attaches itself in our subconscious. Kai-Fu Lee is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Much of what we think is to – but not everything. A paralyzed man, for example, will usually not be cured, but he learns to accept his life and bring out the best from his life, his positive mindset shapes his life. Curing is not an outsider such as doctor or healer thing, but it is itself a matter of diseased people. Only if this allows healing internally, this is also possible. You will find excerpts on the page

Vancouver Island

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities of the Canada. Located on the West Coast, on the Pacific Ocean, the city is regarded as one of the sites with highest quality of life in the world. Definitely choose this city for an English course in Canada is a wise decision, not only for the infrastructure and technology present, but also for the beauty of natural landscapes and the many tourist attractions that the region of Vancouver has to offer. The weather in Vancouver is mild, and the rainy season is between November and April. etic response will follow. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. The summer is diaphanous, and why is a city chosen by many Canadians for vacationing. In addition to the many tours that can make the surroundings, as for example to Vancouver Island that is an hour and a half of the city, or to the National Park of the Pacific in Tofino, the city itself offers an attractive commercial tourist center with many restaurants, museums, and a major financial centre which sets the economic pace in the country. A large number of immigrants of all nationalities have managed to find their home in this city, so the offer, for example, in terms of gastronomy and art, is also diverse.

There are a lot of places to go in the city. One of them is the Stanley Park, a huge tract of land that is considered one of the best public spaces in the world. For the lovers of trekking, it is the ideal place because it boasts 10 km of paths and trails for sports such as hiking or cycling activities. Here you will see the highest red cedars of the American continent. An attractive missed for those who love the natural life is to see beluga whales that are located in the aquarium in Vancouver, located on the same property.


The crisis nor passed long to the Spanish telecommunications operators. During the first 9 months of 2010, they made significant cuts in their investments in the deployment of telecommunications networks, reaching a reduction of 25% on average, or in other words, curtailed their investments more than one 653 million euros. And we are not talking about a specific situation; According to Aetic (the employer’s electronic enterprises) 2008 investment data, with which compare the of this year, had already shown a substantial reduction compared with the year 2007. Source: Zendesk. Spanish telecommunications operators spent 2.989 million less in their networks in 2008, which represented a reduction of 17%. With this need to reduce costs, but without more affecting their investment in infrastructure, telecommunications companies are looking for other means to save costs. One of them is the optimization of the procedures for provision of supplies, which are becoming more centralized, relying increasingly more in new technologies, from video conferencing and other computer communications to the specialized tools of purchasing management.

This type of solutions not only give response to the needs of saving, but also offer a computer infrastructure of versatility that enables them, in real time, the availability of supply of providers, thus both answer the needs of its subsidiaries when they need them. In addition to the implementation of purchasing management tools they can automate much of the procurement process, coordinating tasks between the various departments involved and storing information and documents generated in the process, in an organized manner. Purchasing management tools allow you to centralize all management requests for purchases made by employees, and coordinate integration with the accounting system of enterprises, providing pre-validada information, reducing the maximum possible human errors. In addition, these solutions allow you to manage, store and relate all the information generated during the process (requests, orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.), assign its leaders and establish a logical and orderly classification of the information. Purchasing management tools help, therefore, to the achievement of a better organization of all information related to the provision of supplies, and a significant response time optimization is achieved since, through the computerised treatment of your data, and thanks to the possibilities of exploitation of information monitoring indicators of activity and quality of automated processes are obtainedreducing the volume of documentation, particularly in paper, with the consequential streamlining of internal, and external communication that help implement enhancements in all the purchase flow procedures.