Almost simultaneously with the introduction of computer graphic representations of ‘hydraulic’ design schemes have appeared ability to create and use systems certification engineering services based on electronic plans. Since both the first and second system associated with labor-intensive to create and update databases data immediately had problems of their interaction. It is obvious that the system of certification of network and system for calculating the hydraulic regimes should be a really unified information and graphical ‘structure’ in foundation of which is a database with an elaborate structure of the tables. Plans for engineering services performed on the basis of standard urban tablets can be used either directly as settlement schemes, or by using automated procedures converted into settlement schemes. It is obvious that in order for it to be possible factors to be considered methods of identification and classification of units and sections of the network on the plan. Particularly important issue is to clearly define and describe the way consumers online.

Our company’s experience has shown that the actual thermal network of cities, usually do not generate the ‘isolated’ sub-networks (for which necessary hydraulic calculations), containing more than 10,000 sites. The calculation of such networks on modern computers is a matter of seconds, although the reading of the original data and write the results into the database data may take up to tens of seconds. This is another argument in favor of the direct use of operating plans as settlement schemes. In some metropolitan areas, and multiple-heating systems, taking into account their dual line (feed and return lines) could produce graphs containing dozens of thousands of sites. In such cases, decided to apply poluevristicheskie methods for the simplified () design schemes – this is a problem, though difficult, but solvable. Much worse than others – at a huge dimension of networks is practically impossible to correctly enter the initial information and then analyze the results of the calculation, if not use specially designed automated procedure ‘hard’ control connectivity and reliability. In particular, information-graphic systems certification engineering services, integrated with subsystem of the hydraulic calculations, must contain specific procedures for the formation of the original graphic and text information for the construction of computational schemes.

Our approach to content- technological and graphic computer systems, coupled with effective modern methods and algorithms of applied mathematics that domain suggests the digital model of engineering services, in Specifically, the thermal network. Such a mathematical model of the network, integrated with its representation as an object of Geoinformatics, allows you to quickly solve a lot of questions and problems in addition to ‘heating season. ” This calculation and optimization mode, supervisory control, the simulation of switching and emergency planning, commissioning activities, development of technical specifications for connection verification calculations designed networks and many other daily and routine tasks of operation. Do I need to have any further arguments to make sure that investments in this kind of information systems certainly justified? As sung in a nice song from a favorite all of the film: ‘Think for yourself, decide for yourself – or may not have? “.