Month: July 2011

Russia Cards

Hence, considerable savings in time and access to communication equipment. The main and most important advantage of smart cards lies in the fact that the scope of activities in which they can be used, is very diverse: healthcare, transportation, banking, outreach, etc. The banking system work, based on smart card technology is far more profitable than losses from fraud and to authorize the expenditure of communication. And although the bank 'Capital' introduction of magnetic cards at a cost of $ 12 million, it is arguable that in Russia, the scope of smart card technology in banking business will grow. In recent years the tendency to reduce the cost of the card itself and the cost of projects for their implementation, so the popularity of smart technology will only grow. basic types of smart cards in Depending on the integrated circuits all smart cards are divided into several basic types, dramatically differing functions: memory cards, microprocessor cards, cards with cryptographic logic or combined maps. What type of card is best suited as a payment? It depends on the established and well-functioning equipment of the banking system, through which you intend to make payment. But in any case, smart card is an ideal means of payment, because it can directly interact with a personal 'electronic purse'. Purse reported sum of coca can use the client to pay service or purchase, even in the off-line. Monetary assets can easily be monitored and replenished as making cash on the account and bank lending. Protection system is also equipped with an electronic purse personal PIN-code, which must be entered for carrying out any operation on the map.

Printing Data For Flyer

This guide to print flyers shows broken down into individual steps, the design of an A5 flyer using a graphics program such as Photoshop. This is a technical paper and no instructions on how to design a Din A5 Flyers. 1st After opening Photoshop, you get to the point “File” and then on the sub-item “New” 2 Enter now for width 152 mm for portrait mode (landscape 214 mm) in height and 214 mm for portrait mode (landscape 152 mm) 3 These dimensions include 2mm trim. When cutting your A5 flyer may occur after printing tolerances. If a trim is created (ie the background on each side 2 mm after), can such a visible border on the unintentionally A5 flyers are avoided. 4th For image resolution 300 pixels / inch type fifth With mandatory mode CMYK click “because in the RGB mode based data are not printable flyers and are therefore automatically converted. Please note that this may lead to color shifts.

Complaints for this reason are not normally accepted.

Furthermore, certain (Some “bright”) RGB colors in CMYK color space can not be displayed. 6th Choose Background: white, colored or transparent, this input plays no role for A5 flyers printed. 7th After these entries appear correctly applied the picture frame for your A5 flyer. Now you need to set only the section lines. 8th For a portrait flyer, we encourage you to “View” “New Guide” (for landscape rotate 90 degrees) 9 Enter for an A5 flyer are: 1.Vertikal 2 mm 2 Vertical 152mm 3rd Horizontal 2 mm 4 Horizontal 214 mm 10 Now you have the Layout setting for your A5 flyer. Note yet that you leave the safety’s writings 4mm before the cut lines, so fonts are certainly not broached. 11th Make now the front and the back of your A5 flyer and save the “front” and the “back” each in JPEG format with the highest quality level down or more you create each one PDF file in which all fonts to curves / paths have changed.

Provide They thereby ensure that no profile is embedded. 12th Now try again, please print your file (s) to format, resolution and color mode. Everything is in order. Then you can send your print data. 13th The final A5 flyer has to print and further the dimensions 148 x 210 mm. Now, should your flyer printing in A5 format din go well