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Under the guise of: Renewable energy, environment and who knows what, only the profit motive is excited: the investment cost per kWp power were a few years ago at the photovoltaic is still significantly higher than today on nuclear power, they are almost always equate, there is a very friendly feed-in tariff, even overlooking the high investment as incomparably high return for investors, Which tells us the following: a few make it very nice money, the consumer pays the entire Bill alone ultimately through allocation of costs. Photovoltaics is quantitatively limited in the energy mix and is no serious danger (competition) for conventional power generation. But it happens that the forecasts of solar lobbyists regarding planning sizes compared to the actual realized volumes are kept deliberately small, the Government responds after she realizes this immediately regulative with subsidy cuts and the thing will be slowed down because less interesting. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. So-called major projects in the megawatt range are also very nice. These are like various makers used as flagship projects and personal jewelry pieces, the real charm in the sense: they are not significant increase in proportion of photo-voltaic electricity production in the national energy mix: you can not generalize in magnitude, well: meaningful use of conversion areas, mining areas without other reasonable usability, which but are also not unlimited dimensions available, bad: use of agricultural land, high technical, material and therefore cost, Sahara? No thank you, a further discussion is beyond the scope and can be used like to separately, but what would be a solution? A proposal to the significant increase in the share of photovoltaic technology on the energy mix and its sustainability must be so: because this proposal is somewhat more complex, it can be not just in two / three cover sets. The following attempts to clarify the issue at hand of theses: the previous Promotional practices as an incentive to the individual profiting in market-based inputs is changed, the funding amounts are distributed to usefully increases or economically, the establishment and the operation of photovoltaic systems is whether the generators, the electricity producers primarily or their parent institutions are the investors and owners of photovoltaic plants, ostensibly, distributed PV systems realized and fed the electricity produced in the existing networks, which are existing (of course also new roofs) does in previously unknown magnitude used for the construction of PV plants, Suitable roof surfaces are available in huge quantities.