To accomplish great undertakings must live as if they never die Vauvenargues Marquis of national universities, especially those that concern us, such as the University of Carabobo, starts this new year 2009 with new authorities, with a new young leadership, lawyer, Jessy dives, which must deal with wisdom, dedication, commitment, education management to recover the academic excellence that has been lost in college for some time, give way to changes, changes that allow many faculties, Schools redefine the professional profile that the country needs, especially in a scenario that requires a new academic leadership that way for a new generation, to rescue the Academic College, training, training professionals with the knowledge that science has generated in recent years.

We can not continue under the leadership style of a very figurative for many years has been anchored in the university, where academic leaders have disappeared, students, teachers capable of addressing the major challenges that have emerged on the national stage, the result of government actions has led to a scenario turbulent, uncertain, risky, but with great opportunities for knowledge of the university will do this, actively involved with the programs, actions that have wanted to take and require the consensus of a population to interpret its scope, impact. Dual SIM may not feel the same. It takes a college more participatory, proactive, not only in transforming its administrative, financial, academic, but more inserted in the political, economic, education in the country, collaborating on solving problems that have arisen, as well as provide solutions, models according to the national reality that allows the transit country on the path of development, to ensure the Venezuelan quality of life according to their rights and administration of the riches that the country has.. .