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Urban Centre

The 163 hectares that delimit the urban center of the city of Malaga have been inscribed in the catalog General historical Andalusian heritage, with the typology of historic.New value for the urban centre of Malaga is is a summary historical and evolutionary city, for a period of three thousand years, since it was founded in the VIII A.C. and located between two landforms that historically determined the settlement: the Gibralfaro mountain and the River Guadalmedina. All this has contributed to the Government Council of the Junta de Andalucia to take this decision which makes summary of the historical evolution of the city from its Phoenician Foundation until the expansion of the 19th century. The center of the city, very close to the Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, presents an overlay of traces of the passage of different civilizations: Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Arab, modern and contemporary. For this reason, it is rich in monumental quality, with exponents such as the Cathedral, Custom, the Jewish quarter, the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba, the Rector of the University, in the Paseo del Parque and the Cistercian Street.

Photographic Portraits

Exposure with me, myself, I will continue until June 10.Photographic portrait of Picasso portraits photography of Picasso, on Malaga Picasso Museum, which is located very close to our hotel, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. It shows a lot of snapshots of photographers who captured the Malaga artist devoted to his work. This exhibition shows the role of Picasso in the construction of their public image, feeding the cult of his personality. The sample is organized in collaboration with the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and brings together a total of 166 photographs corresponding to 34 authors, who include Robert Doisneau, Irving Penn, Robert Capa and Andre Villers. It covers a period of time that begins at the beginning of the 20th century, the years of the Bohemian Parisian. It can be considered a foto-biografia, not so much of the life of the character, but the creation of the modern artist. Next to snapshots, a fragment is shown also Incontrare Picasso, filmed in 1953 film and work of director Luciano Emmer. The exhibition is curated by Kerstin Stremmel, Associate Commissioner Museum Ludwig de Colonia. Photo: Courtesy of Museo Picasso Malaga