Introduction to the platform market is currently dominated by Automation are two types of products. Simple devices, dedicated, such as converters, PLCs and input modules and output to perform specific functions. Its advantage is the quick and easy configuration / programming, the disadvantage of limited functionality. Even a small change in the way work is often impossible. The second group of products that come in recent years has wide industrial computers with very different performance capabilities, the installation and hardware configuration. Do they provide application mo? iwo? ci virtually unlimited of new functionality that is an undoubted advantage, however, on the other hand a great disadvantage. I.e., almost always have to write code in a programming language that is not the most trivial matter if it’s embedded systems. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. iMod combines the advantages of these two types of devices, and even offers even more! universal controller iMod iMod It combines the functionality of many popular devices such as PLCs, serial port converter or the module’s input/output with the advanced features available for industrial computers without the need for programming.

The advanced features of the system as a router network, NAT, VPN or web site server are properly prepared in dedicated software packages. Perhaps check out Energy Capital Partners London for more information. In addition, the configurable platform offers limitless possibilities iMod conversion of protocols including registration, visualization and reporting. But what is an undoubted advantage of the platform is a complete set of integrated services in and out of resources. Cooperation with external modules regardless of resources integrated iMod platform offers a treatment for / S external modules and NPE / iMod as if it were local. Many devices on one iMod integrates multiple devices.

This awareness of the needs of each system integrator outlet. In simple terms, you can also get functions Advanced not available on other devices. iMod has the ability to declare the advanced rules, which until now were only available for the individual’s own writing software.