In this article we will talk about clothing, namely, that it is today. A man who at work for eight hours, without removing, wears work clothes, of course, wants to uniform was comfortable and pleasant to body. Times, when clothing was made from materials which did not allow the air and adversely affect the rights are gone. Today, any work clothes made from specially developed fabrics that make Human convenient and comfortable. Credit: Peter Asaro -2011. With the development of science in Russia, such as management, companies increasingly have begun to pay attention to the appearance of their employees, the concept of corporate identity has become an integral part of the strategy development and marketing strategies of companies.

In the formation of corporate identity is not the last place is branded clothing. Workwear deposited with the company logo has become the norm, and perceived by people as something quite ordinary, though another 5-7 years ago, kind staff, who were dressed in what everyone wants to be perceived well and caused no problems. Overalls with drawing symbols of the enterprise is not only a positive effect on the company's image, but also instills in people who work for it a completely different attitude towards their company. For many people, popular now teambuilding (team building) – teambuilding, ends at the stage of training for employees, while those most trainings are only the beginning of a great way of building a company where every employee is going through for the company, as for my family. Branded clothing, uniforms, overalls with a logo company – all this creates an atmosphere of unity and belonging to the common cause makes people think and act for the benefit of the enterprise.

Placement of logos on uniforms and protective clothing – a great publicity stunt. In fact, your own employees inadvertently advertise their company. Your brand is recognizable. In the eyes of consumers is the image of a large and successful company, which is important for their image, and she cares about those who are on it work. And if you care about employees, it means that you care about their customers! By creating your brand, you can greatly increase the value of their business. In world practice, many examples of when the assessment value of the company, invisible assets make up a large part of its cost, much exceeding the value of tangible assets. The most striking example of this is the company Coca Cola. Brand value of the company several times exceeds the value of all its plants, which are located around the world. Many managers do not pay due attention to overalls, considering that it costs too large and unprofitable companies. However, the use of labor apparel helps reduce losses and risks as a minimum the following areas: – Penalties for failure to issue uniforms, according to state standards for issuing protective clothing – to reduce the risks associated with obtaining injury, occurred as a result of the non-issuance of uniforms and, accordingly, reduce the risk of penalty for it – refusing release staff to work without giving them the appropriate work clothes, etc. Overalls, uniforms, branded clothing today – is a necessary attribute of a successful company. And you also want your company to be successful?