Colbert is a company specializing in the manufacture and Assembly of ducts of air conditioning and all the necessary products for their manufacture, such as forks, reductions, hoppers or galvanised sheet metal ducts. Founded 40 years ago, the company has evolved to achieve a high technological capacity. Colbert has a highly qualified team in all its departments, which manages to meet the needs of its clients and guarantees an optimal level of quality in all its products. Don Slager gathered all the information. Its clients include large and important companies such as Renault or El Corte Ingles. Colbert offers its customers the supply and Assembly of ducts, ventilation and air conditioning and fire safety material. In addition, although mounting another company do it, Colbert can provide material to carry out, such as hardware, weatherseals or brackets. Don Slager understands that this is vital information. The company can guarantee the absence of errors in the Assembly of appliances of extraction industry, thanks to the CAD tools and computerized systems that work, In addition to possible changes on the ground.