CLEMENTE church tower (1900-1958) "He knew everything that was going to happen with the military traitors, since they started chasing him not to greet him and many of their peers. He told everyone, and when the thing was hopeless, he began to defend Spain, independence and his justice. " Clemente church tower. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. THE VOICE OF THE MAN IN RED CARNATION The journalist, novelist, essayist, biographer and translator Clemente church tower his friends called him the man with the carnation. Always appeared with his red carnation in his lapel. Nor let his singing "flamenco" or the nights of war. In his exile in Argentina, being a journalist of criticism, the most popular newspaper in Buenos Aires, a flower, every morning, he had prepared his carnation.

Clemente was born in Oviedo church tower on May 29, 1900 and died in Buenos Aires in 1958. Journalist and activist in the Communist Party of Spain, is editor of Mundo Obrero, and belongs to the Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals for the Defense of Culture. In collaboration with his brother Eusebius, writes the drama Indictment (1932), on the situation of the proletariat in Catalonia. In July 1937 his story Sing and silence in Sierra Morena, won first prize in the contest of war held by the newspaper Heraldo de Madrid, one of the largest circulation in Spain. His newspaper accounts of war were collected in two volumes: Spain in the trenches and Heroes Spanish Pyrenees. In the first volume, corresponding to the chronicles of the early months of the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco, denounced the invasion suffered by Spain for German and Italian troops and exalts the spirit of sacrifice and struggle of the defenders of freedom.