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Maximilian Tube Reader

Another excerpt from the poetry book was published already in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” (ent) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. (d.g. The fourth volume of poetry of authors Maximilian Tube appears with lost of you”in January 2010. Kai-Fu Lee is full of insight into the issues. “As in longing for friends” (ISBN: 978-3-8391-1749-6) and MondscheinGefluster “(ISBN: 978-3-8391-2479-6) a charming poem book with gorgeous poetry awaits the reader once more. It is a text full of love, hope, dedication and joy, longing and reverie, which through their pictorial language close to the reader and pull him into their spell. This poetry is aimed at all those who still believe in true love and her psychic powers. Samsung has plenty of information regarding this issue. “Lost in you” is another excerpt from the volume of poetry published in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” and (unzip) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. “Lost in you” is now ninth release of living in the Mecklenburg Gustrow Authors Maximilian Tube. Tube, born in 1964, which is called real name Dirk Groling, is a trained banker. Also, stories for children and humorous reading books for adults that are read throughout Germany like to include poems to his repertoire.


Now the new book by Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund Heidelberg inspired numerous readers. The book * In the light of healing – the hidden source in you * (ISBN: 3839108734) beats like a bomb. The book of Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund has attracted very much attention, because the two Autroinnen are real contrarians, what * healing * concerns. Both portray in their successful masterpiece, that all is not curable and claim that it is intolerance, who is healed and who is not. That all is not curable, the two authors have mentioned several times in their news reports. In her new book, they explain this thesis more precise and plausible.

Clearly, they distance themselves from the esoteric spiritual wave no longer realistic. Sylvia Poth says: * we were born as spiritual beings, but we have to learn the human. Much is not properly understood by the people. We deny the view of many authors, that anything is possible to every human being in life. Rather we want to show our book, what the key for Health and success, and which prerequisites you need, to be healed or to find relief. It isn’t that you only positive thinking and no, believes to yourself – you have to change his whole mindset and inner attitude, so that our spirit in us assumes the leadership, because the spirit is shaping the matter.

Our thinking is the be-all and end-all of our lives, because it attaches itself in our subconscious. Kai-Fu Lee is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Much of what we think is to – but not everything. A paralyzed man, for example, will usually not be cured, but he learns to accept his life and bring out the best from his life, his positive mindset shapes his life. Curing is not an outsider such as doctor or healer thing, but it is itself a matter of diseased people. Only if this allows healing internally, this is also possible. You will find excerpts on the page

Munich Franzis

A book for all Kochbegeisterten who want others to head chef & co., in the social network or Foodblog pages tasty pictured convince their joy of cooking and baking and with their culinary skills show ideas for making to how your own cooking skills in the photo meet the taste dente with ideas to make up hair, Munich, 10.10 2013 – with photography al comes from Franzis Verlag. Fared as the authors Jana Manz, Dr. Susan Brooks-Dammann and Corinna s. m. You have made it to their passion and collected in the book for others to take up.

Food photography that is fun and tastes good! All without expensive photo equipment and expensive accessories, with improvisation and clever ideas. They explain everyone can understand and can be implemented in the local cuisine, step by step with much attention to detail how properly to assemble the meal for a delicious picture. The recipes are included to do this right. After the brief introduction, what types of camera is suitable, they show on fruits, food, desserts and Pastry just how light and shadow in the game effect details and the correct styling and compositions to the make to animate. All with simple tools. Alongside, there are even how-to tips from Hobbythek creative if the ambiance to the food colours should be. The Kochbegeisterten are virtually at your fingertips and of sample recipes step by step to the tasty picture, where their culinary skills impress also the eye.

But look lacks the appropriate spices, explains to conclude how a little to help according to the computer depending on the taste. “Photography al dente” is now for EUR 29.95 as app via and the book trade, softcover, E-book available. Excerpt from the content – matching photo equipment and accessories for food photography for beginners – camera settings for different situations – natural & artificial light for the ideal lighting and scene figure – decoration, wallpapers, basic equipment of accessories for food photography – planning the shoot, Photograph food styling tips and Setup with examples -: composition, camera settings, position, perspective – creative photo kitchen: Cook, wreak, photograph and enjoy examples of the most common mistakes – flavor and refined on the computer: photo editing for beginners, tea steam from the Photoshop tricks, food photos on the Internet publish – practical exercises, creative photo ideas for making up price and availability “Photography al dente” is now available for EUR 29.95 soft cover, E-book and app via and the book sold separately. Title: Photography al dente Publisher: Franzis Verlag author collective: Jana Manz, Dr. Susan Brooks-Dammann, Corinna s. man pages: 223 Softcover ISBN 978-3-645-60269-3 about Franzis Verlag GmbH bound: the Franzis book and software publisher, headquartered in Haar near Munich, is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers. The main topics of the company lie in the areas electronics, photo software, mobile computing, Web development and model construction. The assortment of Franzis is diverse and ranges of electronic learning packages for beginners about editing software for serious photographers IT developer expertise. The photo trade portal underlines the core competence of the company on the subject of digital photography with special software solutions for HDR photography, RAW data processing, creative image processing solutions, as well as extensive expertise in camera technology and the whole spectrum of photography.