Permanent hair removal in bright, red or blond hair! Can light, red or blonde hairs are epilated for a permanently? There are various methods of permanent hair removal (epilation), either based on light or electricity. It is important to know that the success of hair removal by light-based systems in the hair color is sensitive, because only the color can convert light energy into heat in the hair, which will then eventually deserted the hair follicle. The color of hair is coming from two types of melanin: the Eumelanin and the Pheomelanin. The Eumelanin predominates the hairs are dark brown to black, the Pheomelanin weighs over then the hairs are red, blond or light blonde. At decreasing melanin the color in the hair disappears and they become grey to white. The adequate presence of Eumelanin is an absolute need for the permanent removal of hair with light-based systems, so the laser and IPL technology. Successful treatment with the IPL technique or the depilation laser is only for dark hair possible. However, outweighs the Phaomelaninanteil or too little melanin in the hair is present, then the light-based treatment procedures have no prospect of success, because the hair at the root of the hair can absorb insufficient light permanently abandoned it to.

In this case, a desolation of the hair root by using electric current possibility but. This procedure is called needle or electric epilation and performed by Elektrologisten. Here a small probe into the hair Canal occurs to redirect a current pulse directly to the hair root, who then abandoned the hair. The color of the hair is definitely irrelevant this procedure, so red, blond or white hair can be epilated. Needle epilation can look back on over 130 years of tradition and is an accepted method of permanent hair removal. The small-scale effort, to treat each individual hair, this work is relatively cumbersome and should be performed by a competent Elektrologistin.

Only when one correctly executed needle epilation is to be expected with a satisfactory outcome and to tolerate the treatment well. The cost of the treatment is at the needle epilation primarily by the amount of hair to epilated less dependent on, the size of the area, so as is the case with laser and IPL. An experienced Elektrologistin is relatively fast and can epilate between 150 and 400 hairs per hour depending on the area of the body and hair type. While it behaves exactly like the other hair removal methods, that only the hair in its active growth phase can be successfully treated. 30% of epilated hairs are about average. As a result, several treatments are required. Unlike the laser or IPL treatment there is however no minimum wait times between the treatments, so that can be treated in relatively short intervals (1 week). Needle epilation is usually good to bear in professional conduct and leaves no scars, also as love is claimed.