Stages In The Purchase Of Your Property

First phase: Educational Consider these questions: Really, do you want your own home? The answer is very important as buying a home requires money, time and energy. The second question is: can you meet the total expenditure required to purchase a home? Those are: Payment, Closing Costs, Costs of organizing in the new house, budget monthly mortgage payments, insurance … and above all … Taxes! To help with these answers, you should consider: What are your current debts? Your income and your expenses How’s your credit history. And if your job is stable. It is also very important that you properly trained to get information, whether in housing education seminars, or other means, it is important to know that: An informed buyer is a happy owner! The second phase is: The Search for the initial mortgage, apply to a Commercial Bank Loan, Mortgage or Financial Companies, Associations Savings, etc. We must plan carefully for the first interview with the Loan Officer to prepare a questionnaire to all doubts, because once the decision will be more difficult to reverse it and have on hand the following documents, which are basic and will help expedite the loan : Form W-2 from the previous two years. Follow others, such as Marc Mathieu, and add to your knowledge base. Proof of payment of the last month, or proof of income (if you work on your own), State of your bank account of the past two months, Report Debt, Credit Cards, etc.

Need to show that you can cope with a credit correction, so if you really want to buy your house, you should have a correct path, that is, it will be important to prove that you cancel your bills on time: rent, water, electricity, gas, telephone, cellular phone, car, insurance card and any other debt that your contract. Getting a good credit history to get a loan is crucial, since lenders want to have clear and detailed people to whom they will grant the loan. Neil Cole Iconix spoke with conviction. Therefore, the applicant must demonstrate that it is responsible for paying their debts, some time ago to the present. The third stage is: Find the House! Analyze what you can buy. And compared to what you buy. Your tastes, location, size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, deck, common areas and other specifications.

Whether you want Single house, Townhouse or Condominium. It is very important for a Realtor clearly advise you regarding the purchase of the property and that you use for this computer system that accesses all the properties of all companies. Then, with the electronic key, you must visit the house of your choice. In this phase have termite certificates, the security of property, property insurance and makes the home inspection. The fourth phase: The finish. The closing of the loan for the purchase of your home is the last meeting. With it end your loan and get the keys to your house. At this stage occurs the title search, the study of boundaries and everything related to the legal documents. The fifth phase is: Enjoy your home! Make your family is happy and content as they have made a huge effort to get this new property. Enjoy it to the fullest, get organized as a good buyer and good for your future plans.