Small Piekser Make Tired Skin Again Blithely

Gentle lifting without surgery for a beautiful skin press release of the German society for Mesotherapy August 22, 2008 – when the skin is a bit too early a little bit too tired, that is no problem these days at all. And certainly not the scalpel as a sword of Damocles over the beauty-conscious women floats. An alternative method is without knife and and ensures a natural rejuvenation of the skin gently and carefully. Women with a well-maintained exterior always attach importance to a healthy diet, because it plays an important role for the condition of the skin of course. But not all the trace elements, vitamins and nutrients reach the skin cells. A variety of no body’s nutrients that the body structure, regeneration and supply the skin needs, not reach there just to the affected areas. For more information see this site: altavista. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists confirm the trend to humane methods, so away by literally cutting measures. Because current Investigations confirm serious injuries by operative lifting procedures.

Instead of classic to lift with the scalpel, to ablate the skin with the laser or just under splash, prevail increasingly alternative procedures for skin rejuvenation. The special Mesoliftmethode can be cited as a prime example. It is a gentle form of treatment that works specifically there, where problem areas occur and will be carried out by specially trained physicians. This gentle therapy is based on a natural healing process and was developed by the physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 in France. Go to neil cole for more information. There she began first triumphant as pain therapy and finds more and more convinced followers for a long time in Germany. Through thin, barely noticeable micro injections, various active ingredients are introduced into lowest dose directly into the skin of the affected area. And although only a few millimeters deep in the connective tissue, the so-called Mesoderm and namesake of the therapy. While as the affected body area targeted all other regions and organs completely untouched, and the entire treatment without harmful side effects or risks remain.