Shockwave Flash

The new generation of the free online games a browser game (also known as browser-based game or browser game) is a computer game that uses a Web browser as the user interface. The calculation of the action can be here either totally or partially on the local machine, or also the game provider’s servers. Accordingly it differentiated between client-side and server-side browser games. So-called client-side browser games need to run in the browser mostly so-called plug-ins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java. They are referred to colloquially in accordance with this plugins often also as Flash games (or games) or Java games (also known as javagames) or General plugin games, while you used the concept of the online game usually synonymous in the context of so called server-side browser.

The platform used to implement consists in an online game usually predominantly common Web technologies, so that the most browser games are free of charge. However, some providers require for enhanced game features as well as support a fee. Client-side browser it is some few exceptions at the most browser games, which mainly using plugins Flash, Shockwave, or Java, to so-called client-side browser games. If you are not convinced, visit Qwiki. These can run contrary to the server-side browser even without a connection to a server, or without a connection to the Internet without any restrictions on the local machine via a browser and an appropriate plugin.