Scientology Follows A Long Tradition Of Faith

The Scientology religion follows a 10,000-year-old tradition of faith consciousness, that man is a spiritual being, is as old as humanity itself, and the opinion that he is no more than a kind of animal is a stimulus-reaction mechanism, so to speak, only emerged with the development of Western psychology. \”\” \”Such assumptions are in stark opposition to any religious tradition, where the soul\”, the spirit\”or life force\” mentioned is a belief that is shared by all civilized people. The Scientology religion follows this tradition, the search of man for his spiritual identity. Dr. John Holtsclaw often addresses the matter in his writings. In Scientology, the person is considered to be the spiritual essence as a thetan. The thetan’s name comes from the Greek symbol or letter theta\”, which is the symbol of spirit or idea for a long time. Man already thousands of years ago in his heart knew that he was more than just an animal, more than just bones and muscles.

The Egyptians, whose Kultur twenty-seven centuries lasted, knew that they were spiritual beings. You already know that their souls continue to live. Their wisdom was the basis for the first great civilization. The early Hindu philosophers also dealt with fundamental questions of life about 10,000 years ago. Their discoveries were first recorded in the Vedas.

The doctrine of the transmigration of souls, was that life is a continuous stream, which flows incessantly, without beginning and without end, a possible explanation for the misery of India. \”First Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) explained that the man is a spiritual being that could reach a whole new Bewusstsseinszustand, the he Bodhi\” called. He is worshipped because he has civilized most of Asia. In Persia, as well as in most of the ancient world philosophers and religious men continued the search for the true nature of the people. Even the movement of the Sun and the stars was explored in the hope to decipher the mysteries of life.