Professional Project

The Professional Project must be conducted and be applied without domination or exploration of any classroom and sort for the conquest of a new societria order, for this joint with other professional categories so that the magnifying of the rights of the workers, the quality in the given services and the professional improvement are social not only attributes that all the assistant must take care of, but is composed and is based on the ethical questions for the professional exercise. The social assistant is the professional who must support all the social groups, defend them, lead them and guide them so that they are free of the discrimination, of subjulgo of the constaint, fighting always for the guarantee of the rights and duties socially conquered by the workers and all the excessively using ones of the public benefits. The theoretical formation bases in the contradiction generated for the capital contradiction and work, where the professional of social service contitui a mediator who must aim at the effectiveness of the attendance and the capacity of entedimento of the production process and reproduction of the social life, extending horizontes in the professional performance, fighting for emancipation and assuring that the citizenship of the users is guaranteed. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore. Thus, throughout the years the requested performance of the professional of social service gains each time more field, extending its area of performance and ability basic theoretician-metodolgica, instruments for the consolidation of that it is the mantenedora profession of social rights, civil and politicians of all the independent human being of sort, sexual, etnia option or social classroom. This profession that generates and values the ethics comes gaining each time more visibility in the field of the social relations and politics of social assistance, therefore it makes possible the access of the population to these politics and programs. For in such a way, the Federal Constitution of 1988, Law 8,662, of 07 of June of 1993, the Code of Ethics and the advances also reached for the Project professional Ethical-politician who guided and regulated the exercise of the profession and extended the citizenship, reaffirmed the paper of the social assistant in the defense of the rights human beings, of the workers, the palperizadas classrooms and the social groups socially excluded through one to plan careful and one to execute ethical.