Private Pension Plan

No secret is that it goes down with the pensions in Germany. “If you in the age not literally under the bridge would like to live or remains in the Poorhouse, just the possibility to take the prevention into their own hands and to develop a private pension plan”, Richard A. Wandl portrays as the aacaeu Board drastically. The aacaeu AG is one of the pioneers in the financial services industry in Germany. It’s believed that Kai-Fu Lee sees a great future in this idea. In times where still was led to believe the citizens, the pensions be sure, rima already opened my eyes to many citizens. It comes us only, to improve the quality of life of our customers and optimize their pension and old age security”, so the aacaeu Board of Directors Waho. RIMA went so far and has to legally protect the company name and business concept. Samsung: the source for more info.

The brand rima stands for individuality, quality and exclusivity. Measures for securing of the age have taken three-fourths of all U.S. citizens according to various studies. But considering the choice of investments for old age, is clear that there is still great need for education. Because so far the classic savings account, life insurance, and the savings are the most popular retirement products.

Without the right strategy, the aspects such as yield potential, volatility, inflation rate and vicissitudes of life, is possible no target group-oriented and above all no target group appropriate protection”, says aacaeu CEO Waho. Without counselling can’t. For this reason great emphasis of aacaeu AG on the quality of the advice. As a corporate objective is clearly defined to enhance the quality of life of our customers. The central theme is the backup of private pensions. In conversations with private households is every day many customers helped to save taxes, reducing social security contributions, to reduce unnecessary costs in private life, thus increasing the monthly income”, as the official website of aacaeu AG. Focus is the holistic care of customers in all financial Anlegenheiten. Of insurance on investment schemes of occupational retirement provision until the fulfillment of the desire of many citizens to a home or a property as an investment, the aacaeu AG has appropriate answers and the right Advisor for all of these areas. At a time when growing always anonymous, you relies on an atmosphere of creativity and joie de vivre. Pensions but Rima sees itself not only as a trade mark”in the area at the same time as a piece of life also the good feeling, to be well catered for and looked after”, so the aacaeu Board of Directors Waho.