Pressure Washers

High Pressure Washer perfect companion for car washing machine is known – is a close friend of man. Every motorist should know that contain the iron horse to clean – it is one of the most reliable investment in their favorite car. Firstly, regular washing of the car from the mud helps to avoid corrosion, and secondly, the net increases the aesthetics of the machine, which contributes to your image, and thirdly when your car clean, you do not happen to stress problems with their belongings, which saves on dry cleaning them … The reasons for a regular car wash is enough. But here's what to do when you can not regularly attend a car wash or you think this is too expensive. In this case, there are several exits. Exit number 1: Wash your car on their own old old-fashioned way.

To do this you need a bucket and a rag arm. The advantage of this method – no need to buy special equipment car wash aphids, cons – to wash away a lot of time, the paint scratched the car and form mikrotsarapiny that subsequently leads to a decrease in the presentation and damage the protective layer paint. Exit number 2: Do not wash your car at all. 🙂 Pros – generally no cost or time and money; Cons: they do not if you wanted life to go on the tractor. Exit number 3: Buy a high-pressure washer, once and forget about the problems with washing cars.

Pros – fast and comfortable cleaning, ease of use combined with the same high pressure, which increases the cleaning ability of the device. In addition, the pressure washer can be used not only for cleaning your iron friend, as well as cleaning the yard, building facades, fences, they can also clean the lanes and even lawn polevat … On top of that washing with a wash the minuses, perhaps, the that it must be purchased separately. But believe me, these investments will pay you. The cost of domestic car washing is in the range 5 thousand UAH. It is usually expensive European brands. They are certainly good, but if you do not wash 10-20 cars a day and do not earn money from it, such washing is not needed. You can choose something cheaper, such as in the 1000 UAH. Let's count. One average carwash costs to the owner of 40-50 USD. Accordingly, if the share price high pressure washing equipment, the cost of cleaning a stationary car washes, it turns out that 25 times you fully pay back its cost. Maybe we should spend money now and start saving right?