Powder Coating

Powder coatings are applied in the early 50's. in the U.S. and since then the need for these materials is constantly increasing. To date, powder coating – best method for obtaining protective and decorative coatings a variety of materials and products. The application of powder coating is obtained by a uniform, durable, high quality coating with high mechanical, chemical and protective properties. Powder paint is a fast-growing technology worldwide. Powder coating gives the industrial manufacturers to produce the most durable, economical and environmentally friendly coatings and manufactured products, as consequence, the powder coating is constantly growing demand. What are the advantages of powder coating? 1.When poproshkovoy color does not require solvents.

In the film deposited by liquid technology, with intensive removal solvents form pores that cause the deterioration of the adhesion and premature appearance podplenochnoy corrosion. In the powder coating is less shrinkage and porosity of the film. Savings on the cost of solvents, which in liquid paints only play the role of media for film forming. 2.Uluchshenie sanitary conditions. The technology of powder coating is environmentally friendly. Nearly 100% of consumables (ink) transferred to the product.

The concentration of volatile compounds released from paints in the polymerization process does not reach the maximum allowable concentrations, even within the oven curing. 3. coating provides a low percentage of waste. Powder coating can be recycled and reused, so recycling of powder is very high, losses of powder coatings is 1-4%, in contrast to liquid paints (40%) on setup, equipped with good facilities for processing, with efficiency of 96-98%.