Omnitronic CMP Player

In the future the products of competitors on the high-quality drives, clearly structured optics and its precise as brilliant touch of the CMP-1200 must you can measure. Mashable shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The player shines with sensitive, colored deposited rubber keys and a very fine running and just working JogDial with mode choice (fast or frame-accurate search). Also the signal processors of the CMP-1200 convince with a superb time of 10 milliseconds. They also offer an Antishock capacity of 10 seconds per drive. So, title can be played within a very short time and the player is safe against shocks at any time. The reliable software of the CMP-1200 lets you play all MP3 formats with constant or variable bitrate. It also offers an automatic beat counter (switchable to manual mode) as well as a seamless loop/Reloop function.

The pitch can be used for targeted manipulation of sound material between 4%, 8%, 16%, 100% (MP3-CD up to) 16%) switch. Optionally this tempo lock (main tempo) be enabled to maintain the pitch also if you change the playback speed. Mixing two songs thus becomes child’s play! All important parameters are easy to read from either alphanumeric LC display at any time. The presence of basic features such as pitch bend, relay function, Fader start and digital output at the CMP 1200 of course of course. The Omnitronic CMP-1200 is now available in the classic colors of black and silver.

Music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntable, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones or radio systems: opens its doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place for 15 years. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.